Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little experiment

I would make a plan that I would wake up at 6am, see the morning sun, do some exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, spend some time calmly and then start my day afresh. Then I would procrastinate and just tell myself that I would do it from tomorrow, or from next saturday, or monday, and then I would forget. I would read a blog, watch a movie, feel lethargic and the same thought process will trigger again, and again, and so on. Months pass by and then years. The weight that was supposed to go down, goes up. The energy levels that were supposed to go high go down instead. And nothing happens. So I thought of doing a small experiment.

First things first. Its a small experiment of 1 week duration (just for start) so I can see the light at the end of tunnel if i feel like cheating. Here are few things I would do.

1. No Facebook/movies/sitcoms/serials/tv
2. No random browsing of web
3. Sleep by 11PM
4. Wake up by 6AM
5. Go for a jog
6. Read newspaper and have breakfast calmly and not in hurry as usual
7. And start the day.

Nothing fancy like do ton of exercise or lose 5 kgs. Just this. Lets see how it goes.