Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Friday!!

It was just another friday with _no plan whatsoever_. I was waiting for Jagan to get done with his work but he showed no signs of leaving office. Finally i bid adieu and picked up Ketan and off we went at 7:30PM to Atta. Just two of us started our long journey of overeating.

We had decided that we will eat something light and go home and have home food. This is how it went:

5 Gol Gappe
1 Aloo Tikki
10 Chicken Momos .. in just 5 minutes
6 Donuts !! (Yum!!) .. in less than 5 minutes

It would have looked like a eating contest to sane people :P. We sat outside GIP and I said phew, we dont have appetite for KFC chicken, to which Ketan promptly replied - Lets get it packed :D. We didnt! thankfully. Finally at 9ish we missed Jagan and called him up and picked him from office only to start another ride. Jagan said lets go to India Gate and I said 'I dare you man' and so we were off to India gate. Only with one break - to MacD. Best part was that we bought burgers/fries for 'take away' and sat in the car right in front of MacD and ate :D. Well, ok! fries was on the way. We finally reached India gate at approximately 11:00 and after parking the car just started walking towards Parliament house.

We were discussing the topic started by Jagan - "Aspirations" and the discussion got so involved that we didnt realize we had already walked 2 kms and reached parliament house area itself. I remember the last time we had gone to India gate we kept saying for parliament house that 'its too far etc' and couldnt even cover half the distance that day. Which brought us to our conclusion of the day - "Life happens to us when we are too busy doing other things" (in this case Life being parliament house and other things being the talking).

After more and more discussion we decided to go back as we got worried for the car :P. We discussed more and also concluded that if one does not have a big goal/dream or one does not know how to fulfill that big dream or reach the big goal, then its best to keep doing whats best for you in present. Local Maxima as the math term goes. Phew! too much discussions. I just know that whatever be the destination, having fun in the journey is most important, or the goal is not worth it. Finally we left India gate at 12:30 and went to Atta again at our same old coffee shop. With a hot cup of chocolate Ketan and I had another Chicken wrap!! I gotta lose some weight, phew!!

We reached home at 2 and were amazed that we had been roaming since 7:30. Thats a solid 6 and half hours. By god can one beat that. It was a nice and simple evening with two friends and lot of eating :D.


Manjeet said...

awesome man.....I am going to ACs house tomorrow to have my share :)

Matka/HTML said...

as i said once..

"Milestones don't matter; if you enjoyed the journey from the last milestone; chances are you will enjoy the journey to the next one too."

dood, whats your weight these days? ;-)

diver said...

@manjeet: thanks..hope u had fun ;))

@sumit: yup..very well said..and ahem ahem will answer that after losing some :P .. for now i will just say 75kg + few thousand grams ;)

Piyush Bhargava said...

mauj aa gayi padh ke :)