Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long Weekend without plan!!

(Wrote it long back, dint post it . Actual date: 22 sep 09 :))
On wednesday I suddenly got a realization that I didnt plan anything for the coming long weekend. It had never happened in last 3 years that I didnt plan for a long weekend atleast few weeks in advance. This was partially because of work, this that and mainly coz I had a much bigger plan for the coming long vaccation.

But still the weekend went very well. We left office around 9ish although I had stopped working long before that :D. We had to go eat somewhere. My opinion was to sit somewhere in some restaurant, order good food and keep chatting chatting and chatting. Although there is not much nowadays that we talk about now that a dude among us is getting married. He is always like 'I have time till 11PM' or stuff. We went to Great India Place mall so we could eat and catch late night 'Dil bole hadippa' show.

Jagan was excited driving his new Alto. Lately whenever we get any opportunity to go out Jagan is almost the first one to say yes. The old 'I cant come, i have work, lets go in one hour' Jagan has almost vanished with the new 'oh lets drive' one ;). As soon as we entered the mall Abhinav narrated his escapade a few days back when he was shopping and he ate at chicken noodles at yo china joint and loved it. All my plans to 'sit/order/eat' went for a toss and we took 2 veg and nonveg noodles from the yo china. Leave alone order, we were standing in middle of mall and eating. Mall was surprisingly empty for a friday evening even for 9:30PM. We concluded that it might be coz of a bomb hoax and continued our journey to stomach filling. Noodles were not as surprisingly good as they were in Abhinav's narration and even he agreed to that :D. We went to KFc (whatever happened to the good 'lets sit / eat / talk plan) and ate loads of chicken and gulped loads of new krushers.

After a hearty meal we went for dil bole hadippa and came pretty late and so slept pretty late as well. We got up also very late and ordered lunch from some place. After loads of paranthas and some movie in parallel we finally left home at 4:30. We went to the gas station to get a cylinder for Jagan's place. After a lot of mindless driving in absolutely opposite direction we finally reached just in time. From there we saw a kids garden and just parked the car to try a few rides (to test if they would break with our weights :D). We left for dinner to go to GK , some italian restaurant where we had to eat "VEG" coz of navratras. Huh! pity you veggies for all the 'great' food you eat. Jagan mentioned that 'food is ok' but his opinion didnt really count considering that he never tasted anything even close to having a heartbeat. Finally we ordered some good lasagne and stuff and it didnt really go so bad. We went to Vipuls place post dinner to have some dahi-bade he had got prepared for us.

We reached Vipuls house and it was really nice and cozy. We saw a nice movie on his airtel dth which stored all movies in last 7 days. Movie was appropriately named 'I think I love my wife' and it caught our interest immediately. We started watching and ate Hot chocolate fudge that Vipul ordered for us. Although we were already full we still finished the dahi-badas that he had got for us. Finally we left his place at around 12 and came back home and slept a little later. Finally I reached home a full day later and essentially got just 1 1/2 days at home for weekend so didnt even get a feel of a long weekend anyway. All in all it was a long weekend well spent :).