Monday, May 11, 2009


It was just another usual meeting monday. I came to office on time. Went through all the planning meetings and got free only after 4:30. I knew the coming 2 weeks were going to be hectic so I thought of getting started with the work. I started working on something and thought I will leave only after its over. Time passed by very fast. I was just trying to get over with the work. It was taking more time than I expected. Then around 8:00, my usual leaving time, a friend came over and we started chatting. Soon it was 8:30 and I just got a thought - I gotta leave now and I told him to catch up later. My machine got stuck and I could not continue for another 5-10 minutes. Once I started my dad called up. As usual I cut the phone to call back. As I called back Dad's phone was busy and I wasted another minute or so to get to him. Finally I had a brief 30 seconds chat and I kept the phone.

Then I finished what I was working on and thought of verifying it. But machine got stuck again. I wasted 2-3 minutes figuring out and gave up and got up to leave. While going I stopped for 20-30 seconds at a colleague's desk and then left office. While going to parking I went to ATM. Usually I take around less than a minute to withdraw cash. But the machine was saying 'unable to dispense cash'. I tried exactly 4 times and wasted around 20 seconds each time and then left the ATM.

I started my bike in parking and left office. There was a red light right in front of office which wasted around 70 seconds. I took a right turn and was going at around 50kmph speed when suddenly out of nowhere I saw a bull walking right in the middle of road. I applied breaks, the bike skidded but it was under control. I went ahead thinking woah! that was close and just as I was thinking a guy on a cycle was crossing the road at a leisurely pace. I saw him , applied breaks but it was too late and I banged into him. Next thing I knew was I was skidding across the road with the bike and soon we were on the ground. I got up and after a little cleaning up I started the bike and left for home. Fortuantely the bike didnt break down (just a twisted handle and broken speedometer) though I saw some petrol spilled on the road. As I was going home I was thinking the whole thing.

Just 2 seconds here or there and this accident would not have happened. Everything was timed so precisely. Me getting late in office after months, ATM not working, chatting for 1/2 hour with friend. And just with accuracy of 2 seconds, it happened. Is this something called as destiny?

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kunal said...

the way you put it, I've to agree - it does seem destiny!

hope you were not hurt.