Sunday, March 15, 2009

A one day unplanned trip..

It was just another friday night. We had no plan till 6:30 and bhargava, raheja called Jagan to invite us to Gurgaon. We thought well whats the harm, lets go. We had decided to leave around 8ish. Abhinav, Ketan, Jagan and me, we started in Abhinav's car around 8 as we were looking for a MacD to gulp few burgers before having a final dinner at gurgaon with the folks.

We bought LOTS of burgers and fries and ate in the car. It was awesome experience. Our tummies were full already but we were still looking forward to a dinner later in the night :P. After driving through the traffic we were fast approaching Gurgaon aroun 9:30.

On the way we were discussing where to plan our next vacation. Ideas floated around, some of them wh@cky. Somebody said why not go somewhere this weekend itself ;). There were some logistics issues so we dropped it. A story floated around about a guy who was going to gurgaon with family for dinner on a dhaba on highway but on finding nothing ended up going to Jaipur. And that was probably the starting pount of the things that happened later :D.

As we approached Gurgaon we saw on a big green board : Gurgaon 13, Jaipur 239. And one of us said 'lets go to jaipur'. Now who doesnt like a whacky idea ;) and everyone jumped in. Initially everyone was feeling that others were kidding but nobody was saying anything :P but as we missed Exit after Exit from the highway we were getting more sure that oh! we are going to Jaipur.

It took us atleast 3 phone calls and 30 mins of air time to convince Bhargava/Raheja and Ranta that we were 'actually' going to jaipur. We tried to convince them to join us ;) but huh! they didnt. They tried to 'talk us out' of our 'sheer whackiness' but oh we were unstoppable.

We stopped at a dhaba around 10 near manesar to have some dinner and got some weird looking paranthas there. Now that we had already covered 1/4th of our distance to Jaipur we did some reality check.

Current Clothes: Whatever we wore to office on friday :P.
Extra Clothes: None (except one tshirt and shorts I carried for staying over on friday).
Warm clothes: one jacket
Camera: I had my digi but after 2 photos its battery died. Oh yes! I didnt bring charger. We had an iphone and a HTC (again low on battery).
Laptop: 30 mins battery, no charger :D
Money: Rs 3500 odd and a lot of plastic money :P
Car: No insurance docs, no registration docs. Essentially, we were stealing it.
Drivers: Two
Plan: Hit the road, reach Jaipur, find a hotel and sleep, roam whole day and start next night back to Delhi to be back home by sunday.

We started around 11 from the Dhaba and kept driving until Jaipur. Discussions and ideas flew all the time. From the standard topics (life , future etc) to not so standard (should we go to Jodhpur?). FM music helped us until 3/4th of our journey after which it died down.

We reached jaipur and started looking for hotels. At 2:00 AM in the night, tired and cold, we were not choosers by any definition. We took the first hotel available and crashed after watching a little "B TV" which was supposedly a music channel and played B13's 'Oh crazy mama' after every trailer WITHOUT FAIL.

We had to get up at 8 and so we did. We brought toothpaste and brushes :P so we could atleast have breakfast with a fresh breath :D. After breakfast at a local resto we decided to start our Tourist phase.

Our first destination was Amber fort. On the way we stopped to see Jal mahal too which was a slight dissapointment to everyone. Amber fort was huge and grand. We took a local guide which told us a lot of interesting trivia (repeatedly) about the place. Almost each one of us felt like having born in 16th century as a king but then we came back to reality.

After Amber the next in line was the JaiGarh fort. The views from Jaigarh forts are better and interesting. Whole Amber fort is visible from Jaigarh. The best part was the 50ton cannon which is the only 'so heavy' cannon in the world on wheels. We wondered how it was brought all the way up till there. We stood and felt the air at the last point of Jaigarh fort where there was a watch tower type of place. It was just awesome. We imagined being there on a moon lit starry night with cool breeze in our hair :P. We thought if only that watch tower would be for sale but didnt care to ask anyone that million dollar question. Ketan was convinced that he will buy a flat on 16th floor and have a place like that built at the corner. Call me when you do that Dude ;).

Next in line was Nahargarh fort. I had seen it before so i convinced others that fort wasnt worth it. The views were nice though. We walked ahead and went to the boundary wall to take a glimpse of the Jaipur city. It was lovely. We just sat there and heard silence for a little while, after which Darbari and ketan started throwing stones at Jagan who wasnt too amused at their endeavour.

We went to the cafe in Nahargarh to relax a bit as we were pretty tired and thirsty. We had lime soda and a plate of paneer pakora. And then another plate. And then another :P. After just sitting for 1 hr in that cafe we decided to go back to city to see birla temple.

On the way we stopped by at Hawa mahal too which had closed already for the day. Not that we were too keen to see it, but still decided to. I had to meet a friend at GT (Gaurav tower mall in jaipur) so we all went there. There was some random realty stuff going on there for Tata vista where a ghonchu anchor was calling people to sing 'Vistaaaaa' in a weird way. We sat in CCD for sometime as Darbari, Jagan and Ketan left to see Birla temple.

After birla temple our next and last destination was Choki dhani. We had planned to go there by 7:30ish but we were late by an hour. Our prime moto was just to see the place, eat and bolt. The place was so damn crowded that a stampede could have killed 100s. Beats me how they managed to feed so so many people in a go.

Choki dhani other than being a little too crowded was a pleasant place. A rajasthani setup of a village with folk dances, magic shows, elephant/camel ride, good food and great ambience. After entering we were a little lost and disapointed but after having a good and heavy dinner in which most items were drenched in Ghee we were feeling better (and umm heavy). We roamed around for sometime after dinner and at exactly 10 PM we hit the road to come back to Noida.

After a long drive of 5 hrs we were in noida. I got down at Office itself at 3 AM thinking that I would waste time till 4 and go home directly to sleep once and for all peacefully in my own room rather than in noida. Finally slept and got up after a 6 hr long and fulfilling sleep.

Overall it was a fantastic, awesome and mindblowing trip. Best part was the lack of plan and the Wh@ck1n3ss :D. What more do you want in a single day :)).

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kunal said...

heard about your wacky trip from Abhinav.. must have been awesome :D