Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a waste...

Yesterday while going to office I saw the odometer reading on my bike going above 20,000kms (its actually 23000 but thanks to a accident that speedometer had to be changed and zeroed again). I couldnt help but think that I drove 23000 on my bike + 17000 on my car (just me driving) which is appx 40,000 kms.

Then my brain went further and realized that I would have driven at a maximum average speed of 40km/hr which means I have been on road 'driving' for 1000 hours in last 3 years.

Now some stats:
1000 hours / 24 hours = 42 days approximately. I have spent 42 days (no sleep counted) on road just driving..

3 years = 3*365*24 = 26280 hours out of which 30% time spent in sleeping => leaving 18000 hours. So out of my waking life of 3 years, I spent 5% (1000hrs/18000hrs) of time on the road just DRIVING.

Such a waste of time(life). But man I love driving!! :))