Sunday, December 21, 2008

Corbett National Park

I had never been to Corbett. So I was looking forward to our company team outing to Jim Corbett National Park. It was a weekend trip and was pretty good.
We started early friday night around 9:30 PM and had a fun filled ride with a round of dumb charades. Almost everyone slept after that and we reached pretty early around 6:00 AM with just one stop for Tea/Paranthas. The stay was at The Tiger's Den resort which was a pretty cozy place. It was pretty chilly at 6:00 am when we reached so we were greeted with hot tea.

After checking in our cozy room which was named BC2 (Bear's cave ;)) we left for a short trek to the river. This was the best part of our trip. River was hardly a km away and we all started clicking photos and got inside the river. The task - cross the river.
We all crossed the river and it was a lot of fun. Max depth of river was hardly 3 feet although we were told that flash floods were a norm. After around 1 hour of posing in different funny poses ranging from 'there is a tiger' to the 'censored sutta pose' we got back for breakfast.

What was next? Another planned trek organized by the Resort this time. And they were also taking us to the same place so what was the fun. We went half way. Some of us decided to go to the village where some villagers went inside the hut on seeing us. We were expecting a lassi or sth and got a cold shoulder :P. Few people got daring and thought of climbing the hill but I chose to go back :P.

The best was still coming. After lunch we had a safari planned. It 5UKK3D big time. Not that we didnt see a thing other than few deers and monkeys (oh how can i forget the cows) but even if we had seen ten tigers, it wasnt worth spending 5 hours. It still beats me why people want to see a tiger in a jungle safari, hello! what are zoos made for?

Well! we had fun in the safari. We were chatting all the way and the wind was pretty chilly. The whole experience was OK!

After coming back we had a one hour long session of Card games - mostly flash. It was followed with a bonfire and then the DJ. Lately, I have just lost the appetite to dance so I just sat and watched. After a good dinner we had a round of Uno and Flash again.

Morning was as pleasant as it could be. We went for river crossing sport after breakfast. The location was pretty cool. We had to cross a riverlet to reach there. I didnt really feel like doing the river crossing thingy (whats the fun to do same thing 10 times anyway) so I skipped it.

After everyone was done we went back to our first hangout point - the river. People jumped in and everyone got wet. It was fun. We left after 1 hour and packed our stuff to start our journey back to Noida. On the way back we stopped at Jim Corbett waterfall and it was pretty good one. We didnt have a lot of time (I guess thats the reason we enjoyed it more) so we left within 1/2 hour. It took us a long long time to reach noida (around 2AM) and we had a big round of Antakshari also which was pretty cool. Finally we were back to office on monday with pleasant memories and sleepy eyes :)).

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