Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Camp Wild near Faridabad

We had a day outing planned for a saturday. Office group - just 15 of us. The place was camp wild near faridabad. We reached in the morning after a very bumpy ride and had a couple of events planned. The place was nice and cozy. There were permanent cottages and a big big lawn to play volleyball and cricket. Nice for a evening stroll as well. Behind the camp was all empty space which looked like a huge empty reservoir. Well, After some team building (crappy but fun) things, we played cricket and had a good lunch. And then it all started.

We signed the 'its ok if i screw myself or die doing this' documents. We did rock climbing and rappelling and it was fun. This time the rappelling stretch was pretty long and scary. But everyone did ok.


Just stopped for photos

Trek up for rappelling down

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