Saturday, September 27, 2008


i thought..
i thought more...
and then i deleted my blog...:P

update: the blog is actually not deleted..moved to a new location..mail me at 'sandeep(dot)backup(at)gmail(dot)com' to know the new location :)))

Thanks for reading.


Matka/HTML said...


mayank said...

Hi Sandeep,

My name is Mayank......was your junior at Ingraham(2002 batch)...
....... u might or might not know me.......thats not too imp......but do read on.......

I first read ur blog at start of '2007 n since then used to come back to find new stories n experiences each time(esp ur travellogue or more appropriately "travel-blogs" n ratings)..... really liked the way u write.

i dont know wat made u delete ur blog....n i m not gonna ques too but i hope u get back to active blogging once more.

Not just another blog reader !

Sangfroid said...

:-) did u ? really ?

coz i guess i know your freakyside ;-)

amitbhatnagar said...

I checked in ur blog after long... And was shocked to see this!!
Why dude!! Del nahin karna tha..
Hope to see u back soon..

diver said...

@matka: yeah man..

@mayank: gud to know that man...

@sangfroid: u knw the truth now

@amit: hehe

@all: guys..i hv just moved the blog..not deleted..for privacy :P .. the same blog stays put :)) .. send me an email and i will tell you the new blog @ sandeep(dot)backup(at)gmail(dot)com :))

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