Saturday, July 5, 2008

General Crap

So much happens in life which is worth blogging but sigh! we get only 24 hours in a day. What better time to blog than at 2:00 AM on a sunday morning. So some life updates in top down fashion (meaning latest first :D)

I was so tired in the evening that without even changing I literally fainted and slept continuously for 3 hours without moving :P. The result of which is that even after lying down for 1 hour and trying to sleep, I couldnt. So finally when Electricity department felt that electricity should be back, I got up to blog ;), so here I am.

Watched Jaane Tu, ya jaane na today. Must watch for all youngsters, initially I gave it 3.5/5 but I think it deserves a 4.0/5.

Ankit (aka kaka) had come to noida for friday night and Ranta and bhargava were also in Noida from Gurgaon so we had a great time at Jagan/Raheja's place. After Bhargava and Jagan dozed off we started a discussion with one question - 'What is job satisfaction' and after two hours of mindbogling and brainstorming discussion to find the answer to the question we started with, we ended up having atleast 10 more questions and no answers what so ever :D. It was fun though. We finally slept at 4:00 after realizing few things:
1) Social network is the cause of all problems :D
2) Ignorance is bliss, but one can not chose to be ignorant
3) Change is good, too much change is unstable so we should have moderate change :D

We had got all reservations done for Adi's wedding and as per out schedule we were reaching Indore around saturday afternoon. Then suddenly we found that the marriage is in morning :D and now we have to change our tickets. What a goof up!!!

Anyway many people are coming from all over so it will be a great get together. Looking forward to it.

Delhi is at its best nowadays. Weather is good and its making people happy but we should realize that all this is temporary, the weather changes are also in effect due to global warming which is not a good sign. Anyways, there is some respite from heat and its always cloudy and rainy so I am loving it :).

I could not join Gaurav in his The Great Ladakh Trip and neither am I going with the other group this year. But I am definitely going to do it next year, come what may.

I have realized that I do a lot of bakwaas and I should moderate it if not stop it altogether ;).