Friday, May 30, 2008

Chakrata Trip

Another weekend. Another trip. Me, Abhinav, Sourabh and Jagan took off to a splendid weekend trip. A hill station which is not heard of, a place that is far from civilization, thats Chakrata.

We started around 6:00 and our first stop was Paonta Sahib Gurudwara. We did not plan to go there, but because it came on the way we just went to pay a visit. Ate in the 'langar' too after a longgg time, it was fun.

Behind me is Paonta Sahib Gurudwara

First view of hills

Roads were bad, so we were too happy to reach and hot tea greeted us :)

On our way to Sun, at the end of the road...

After a longggg day of driving, what more does one need...a quilt and a chair :))

But thanks to some guy who had 'booked' the chairs, that we found a new hangout..on the top of the hotel :)) .. who likes boundaries ;)

Oh!! and Maggi and Pasta

We opened the room, and sun welcomed us..

View from around the hotel

Sleeping beauties :P

Getting Lost is sometimes by choice..

The fall of Troy :P

Not tired, just posing :P

Him too!!


Waah! kya photo hai ;)

Was he really clicking us? or his shadow :D

Find Jagan in the photo, if u succeed? ask him for treat :D

More Trek!!


That tiny building in the picture is our Hotel!!

Bade chalo!!

Dude! wait for us..

Those are polo grounds. Britishers used to play there..


Pics are funny!!

It still has room for 10 people?

Tiger falls!! (not literally :P)

No rains since long and this is the flow, what would happen in Rains!!

Thanks to local Elections, every damn shop was closed! we were lucky to find MAGGI!!!

I can give 1000 bucks to go here again...ok you win, 2000 bucks

Just cant have enough!!

Went to hotel Snow view just to have pakoras, and it was raining. Ah! dont remind me of the time..

Snow peaks were actually visible (ah! we need more optical zoom), so we know how Snow View hotel got its name eh!!

Drive back to Delhi was fun...we just saw 3 vehicles in 2 hours and 50 kms.

Hills and hills...

And more...

He believes he can u?

Jeeyenge saath saath..girenge saath saath :P


kunal said...

I feel I should unsubscribe from your blog :( every week there is a travelogue! make me envious...

rohitsej said...

u are nice writer...i just visited dehradun and now i will be visit chakrata ,, my cousin always stay chakrata because ..of his works,,,now i am in jodhpur