Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another year, another bakra day ..

After a successful April 1st 2007 prank , I wanted to do something this time too. Amal and I became partners in crime (read prank) sometime back but he ditched me with this :

"me: we were suposed to fool ppl
12:10 PM Amal: what the hell
12:11 PM Dont be so childish
grow up
and drink some complan if u cant grow up by yourself"

So he became my first victim:

I had set my status message to "Yipee, I am coming hyderabad" and stayed online whole day for a change...

"Amal: when are u going to Hyderabd ?
me: month end man
Amal: for what ?
me: for april fooling u ;)
u r the first one
thanks man
u made my day"

And it continued for the whole day...

I had divided the set into 2 groups -
1) Batchmates who would not believe something big so I had decided to tell that I was going for recruitment for my company
2) other friends : who would believe something big. So I told them I was joining M$ :P in hyderabad

and I had one busy day. Here are few excerpts from my chat history ;))

"Sunil: kahan kyon kab
5 minutes
12:37 PM me: tomorrow
recruitment "

Some people are smart ;))
"मंजीत: when? or is this a AF
me: cool man..u r smarter than amal :D"

"Ranjeeth: why are you coming to hyderabad
me: :)
goin tomorrow
Ranjeeth: saala... so whats the ocassion
me: no occassion man
recruitment related
Ranjeeth: oh.. i see
i thought you are making another jump
me: hehe..
Ranjeeth: good... so its campus interview or off-campus"

"Gaurav: kab ?
me: tomorrow man
12:47 PM Gaurav: kewl"

Some people made programs ;))

"Amit: will u get ne free time ?
me: yeah..
Amit: oh no :(
ha ha ha :)
me: thursday friday busy..
sat/sun free
Amit: wow... fir to aish hogii.. !
me: yeah
Amit: whr r u planning to stay.. ? mera ghar khula hai , khula hii rahega tumhare liye :)
12:23 PM me: thanks man..
friday raat tak to i wil stay in hotel
Amit: cool..
me: uske baad either urs..or dixi..
Amit: uske baad dekhe lena..!"

Some keep it short :P

"Priyanka: wht for?
3:53 PM me: recruitment.. :)
Priyanka: where?"

Some had big questions

"richa: going to hyderabad?????????????
me: :)"

Some, I didnt feel like fooling :)

"Garima: hyd ja rahe ho ??
kab ??
5:12 PM me: ullu mana raha hoon logon ko :P
april fool
Garima: wow"

Some people tried senti like always ;))

"Vidit: ola
when are you coming here mate ?
me: :)
fooling ppl man..wont fool u :)
Vidit: playing wiht ppl's feelings"

Some asked lotsa questions :D

"life: wn u appeared for the interview..?
4:08 PM me: around 2 weeks back..
life: okay..
4:09 PM wo log interviews weekends pe lete hain.."

And there were a lot more. In all I had a chat with 21 people :P, must have broken my own chatting records. Thanks to everyone for your love and support , I wish to keep my pranks alive and kicking always :P. This time I didnt get time to think, will try to have something better next year .. till then have fun ;)

PS: No hard feelings :))