Sunday, March 16, 2008

another interesting weekend..

Last couple of weekends have been very busy for me. Out of the last 6-7 weekends I have only spent one saturday night at home. Generally my Friday nights are by default spent with friends in Noida but 2 days in a row was never the case. I have been virtually living out of my bag which now permanently has a towel, a brush and few extra clothes.

I was planning to go home early on saturday morning but the unexpected happened. After watching a bad movie on friday - 'we own the night' (rating: 2/5) and spending a long night with friends dancing and blabbering we slept around 4:30AM. I went to office on saturday morning to finish off some work fast and wanted to go shopping after that. But murphy's laws about work have always been true. I got stuck with more work, and then more, and then still more. It was 5:30 AM on sunday morning when finally I could leave office and so I went straight home. Although I had got comparatively free by 3:00-3:30 and I started watching "LOST" series which Gaurav had recommended me lately. The first few episodes were attention grabbing. I also gave miss calls to few friends (a habit I have recently acquired from Manjeet) around 5:30 which was fun. Sishant (a school fren) called me various times while I was asleep late in the morning thinking that I got kidnapped or whatever that I called him at 5:30 AM ;)).

Needless to say that I slept like a dog (why do they say 'slept like a dog') after coming back but got up at 12:30 to attend a call. Vikas (another school fren) came over and we went for shopping to Shipra mall after lunch. There was a time when I hated shopping, but now I just love it. We came back around 6:30 PM and I again slept like a dog. I got up to see Namaste london and eat more and felt like blogging after a not so long time so thought of writing about this weekend...

Looking forward to Holi holiday - 3 days together. Planning to do some more masti.


General Bordeaux said...

please use a decent background ... i can't even read the post :(

asr said...

@GB: Ctrl + + might help.

sandeep said...

@GB: chill dude..see i dont hv time to change the template ;)) do wt asr says

@asr: thnx for suggestion..

@majji: gaurav ne hi kaha tha...go and kick him ;))