Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Holy Time..

I had not spent a full weekend at home since so long that the long weekend around holi became a treat. I had dumped whole season 8 of FRIENDS, few episodes of LOST and few movies on my laptop and was eagerly waiting for the holidays. This time I was even in the mood to play holi after a gazillion years.

Got up late on Friday morning and saw my favourite Matrix - I again. Mom asked me if I would like to eat Puri/Chole and I got excited and told her I would learn make Puris ;) . Started from beating dough to frying puris I did it all. Mom was offcourse their to guide me all through, but I didnt do a very terrible job ;). Bon appetite.

Saw 'Into the wild' in the afternoon and liked the concept of going to alaska to live alone ;)). Not going to try it, atleast not in near future :). The weather was great in the evening so went upstairs and a full moon was waiting to greet me with fresh and cool air. They were burning logs on occasion of holi which reminded me of old times when we used to wait for the bon fire whole day. Went out for a walk and sat near the bon fire for sometime seeing people dancing on music that someone had played near by. It was fun.
Slept late and got up late on Holi and was joined by Priya n Kapil and my sweet bhanju. They colored me as soon as they entered and I took revenge by drenching them in water. Bhanju was confused to see us all doing funny things with colors and must have felt 'what the hell happened to these people'.

We all went for dinner to Great India place which was more than over crowded. Kapil n Priya left in the morning and my rest of the day was spent watching more n more Friends. Season 8 is over.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

another interesting weekend..

Last couple of weekends have been very busy for me. Out of the last 6-7 weekends I have only spent one saturday night at home. Generally my Friday nights are by default spent with friends in Noida but 2 days in a row was never the case. I have been virtually living out of my bag which now permanently has a towel, a brush and few extra clothes.

I was planning to go home early on saturday morning but the unexpected happened. After watching a bad movie on friday - 'we own the night' (rating: 2/5) and spending a long night with friends dancing and blabbering we slept around 4:30AM. I went to office on saturday morning to finish off some work fast and wanted to go shopping after that. But murphy's laws about work have always been true. I got stuck with more work, and then more, and then still more. It was 5:30 AM on sunday morning when finally I could leave office and so I went straight home. Although I had got comparatively free by 3:00-3:30 and I started watching "LOST" series which Gaurav had recommended me lately. The first few episodes were attention grabbing. I also gave miss calls to few friends (a habit I have recently acquired from Manjeet) around 5:30 which was fun. Sishant (a school fren) called me various times while I was asleep late in the morning thinking that I got kidnapped or whatever that I called him at 5:30 AM ;)).

Needless to say that I slept like a dog (why do they say 'slept like a dog') after coming back but got up at 12:30 to attend a call. Vikas (another school fren) came over and we went for shopping to Shipra mall after lunch. There was a time when I hated shopping, but now I just love it. We came back around 6:30 PM and I again slept like a dog. I got up to see Namaste london and eat more and felt like blogging after a not so long time so thought of writing about this weekend...

Looking forward to Holi holiday - 3 days together. Planning to do some more masti.