Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Best Friends Wedding

Nope, am not talking about the movie. I am talking about Manjeet and Namrata's wedding. Yes, Manjeet got married and offcourse we attended the wedding and had a blast there. I still remember the day when he first broke silence and shared the news of his 'roka' with Namrata in october end. I felt so happy that I kept smiling whole day. All memories played back in my mind of that day when I had joined college on 22nd July 2001 and Manjeet came with his fractured hand in a sling and introduced himself. We shared the same room for couple of months and became friends. Time flies, really.

We were planning and planning about gifts, how to go, when to go etc etc and finally on one of the great days of year - 14th Feb (ahem) 8 of us started our journey in the night. This journey just like all others was great except that most of us were meeting each other after years which added more fun to it. We took all possible roads, and were almost sure that we will be late for the reception that was scheduled in the morning but against all odds we made it in time. Special thanks to Ranta for his intuition that guided us like a GPS ;)) and Vardhman for asking the right questions to people (where is the guest house ;)).

Bikaner is a very nice and quiet place. Just after entering the city we got a very laid back feeling which was particularly good as all of us were on vacation from work ;). We finally met Manjeet who came personally to welcome us and arranged rooms and stuff.

The first function was quiet interesting with great food. There were so many variety of sweets which we later came to know was a norm in Rajasthani weddings. Special attraction was the Rajbhog (Yellow Rasgullas) which we all loved (atleast then :P). We were all very tired from the journey so we decided to take a nap and get ready to see bikaner in the evening.

Around 5:00 we started for the Mice temple which was a bit far from main city. The drive was fun as the road was flanked by sand dunes on both sides and most of us were seeing Desert like that for the first time. The Mice temple was interesting and annoying at same time. It was definitely not a treat for eyes to see so many rats lingering around everywhere like kings.

By the time we were back it was late already. There was a small get together arranged for the night so we stayed back. After dinner all family and friends gathered and the function started. Some youngsters from the family had written poems, shers and had even prepared for dance sequences. All couples were called on stage to sing and dance one by one. Piyush sang two songs and Amit also danced on two. We had a small group dance also in which all friends jumped in. The evening was great fun. Although we were dead tired but masti never stops so we finally still slept late.

We had decided to go and see Juna Garh fort (also called Bikaner Fort) in morning. Although we all got ready by 10:30 or so we could not start before 12:00.
Piyush and I went outside to checkout the local taxi (auto) who told us that the fort was quiet far. We had heard that the city transport was very cheap so we asked him how much he would take for 8 people to which he answered 40 bucks after thinking a lot. We could not stop laughing ;).

Juna Garh was just another fort. Nothing very great about it for people who have seen other forts. But still it was pretty beautiful and worth visiting. After seeing the Fort we went to the famous Parsvnath Juice corner which was recommended to us by Manjeet. After having enormous liquid intake ;) we decided to skip lunch. We reached back to the guest house after stopping at some (I forgot the name) king memorial road which is quiet famous in Bikaner from where we bought the famous Bikaner Bhujia. Ranta's intuition was still at work all this time ;)

Abhinav, Vidit and Sourabh also joined us in the evening just in time to get ready for Barat. We all got ready and went to the Barat assembly point and started dancing with the Barat. It was just awesome. We danced for more than an hour and half (leaving Ranta who danced for more than 4 hours that night ;)).

The food again was delicious. AC promised to drink 15 glasses of juice but stopped at just 6 :P. Within few minutes Namrata also came and varmala ceremony was done. We all went and met Bhabhi ji :) on the stage. Pheras were scheduled around 10:30 and we all went inside for Pheras.

The best part of the Pheras was the pandit ji who looked like a standing comedian and made everyone laugh with his pravachans :P . Around 12:00 the dinner was laid outside and we all got seated and something happened which nobody was expecting (atleast those who had not attended Rajasthani weddings).

Manjeet's Relatives started stuffing Rasgullas (Rajbhog) in everyones mouths. It started with one and went to two and then to three for those who tried to escape ;). It was great fun. All of us were over stuffed with those Rasgullas and after managing to eat atleast 5-6 of them we could not stand seeing them around us. The best thing was that taking Rajbhog's name stopped AC from talking so we found one thing in life that could stop AC.

Finally we met the Bride and Groom and went back to the room. We played Dumb Charades in which AC discovered a new action for each word ;). We slept very late and got up at 8:00-8:30 though we had decided to leave around 6:00 AM ;). The return journey was equally good but a bit more sleepy. We stopped to enjoy the deserts at one place and stopped for lunch in which we ate like 50-60 chapathis in total ;). We almost got AC's flight missed in Jaipur (supposedly a nice flight after ahemdabad ;)) and reached back home late in the night.

Overall it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. And yes, eagerly looking forward to attend the next wedding ;)).

Wish Manjeet and Namrata a happy and prosperous married life.


sandeep said...

@vardhman: u didnt miss it dude, u can still write about it ;)) we are waiting...hehe

kt said...

subak subak

Rakesh said...

subak subak ++

congratulations to Manjeet and Namrata :D

Piyush Bhargava said...

loved the post. not a single event missed out :) somehow havent found the time and motivation to blog in a long time. but enjoyed reading this post. thanks chandu. almost took me back to the entire trip :D

sandeep said...

@kt: its ok man...apni shaadi pe jaroor aana ;)

@rocky: oops teri to ho too kt ki pe jaroor aana :D

@pb:thanks a ton buddy...i hope my post gives u i cant help with time ;)) ..

dailyrium said...

chandu, thanks for writing in such detail as always :) reminded me of all those forts we saw last year.

and congratulations to manjeet and namrata!

lee dos santos said...

que horrivel a foto desse blog kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! brincadeirinha