Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December 2007 trip part 1 - Rishikesh

I went to Rishikesh with Office friends and it was an amazing experience. We did all sorts of things starting from Camping, Rafting, Rock climbing, Rappelling, bonfire and trekking. A complete fun and adventure trip. Here are few photos.

Our Camp

Me Rock Climbing (or say me rocking ;))

On Trek in the evening

Bon fire in the night at 12:00..Temperature less than 5 degrees.

Yeah thats me at the top. And yeah, I didnt jump ;)

Someone did jump afterall ;)

Starting from Shivpuri to Rishikesh - 16kms/2 hrs+!!

Sunset from Ram Jhoola in Rishikesh

- overall rating: 4/5
- useful info: Himgiri Adventures phone: 0-94129-02361, cost anywhere between 1200-1800 depending on package. It was cold in December (especially water) but doable. Worth visiting.

Few good things we wont forget from the trip:
- A cartoon series of some guy , especially the line 'Ze kya laga rakha hai, chalo haath upar kar ke khade ho jao'
- The cool driver and his 'rula doonga aapko' with 'bhoot's hand on the shoulder' ;)
- Ghost stories
- the first crushes of few of us ;)
- how the girls didnt want to go for rafting, rappelling and how we convinced them to do otherwise :D


kunal said...

I think I need to stop reading your blog..
every time there is a new post, I turn green with envy :(

Sangfroid said...

niiessh! what bout part 2 ;-)

smr said...

sweet! saale tripbaaz.
happy new year.

sandeep said...

@kunal: nahii dude..aisa mat karo.. vaise bhi ab travel kar kar ke main thak gaya i need to change the way i plz wait and watch ;))

@sangfroid: part 2 coming up..waiting for pics from you guys ..

@smr: happy new year buddy .. and stop calling me tripbaaz every time i blog :((

smr said...

he he.
stop going to trip every time u blog.

Anunay Gupta said...

Rafting in RK rocks man!!! I miss it!