Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A bike trip after long time..

Whats the best way to get rid of stress after a long busy week? Yes a trip. But who needs a reason, I was hardly stressed out but bike trip did sound like a good idea. I just opened mapmyindia.com and tried searching for a place in 100km perimeter and came across Hastinapur wildlife sanctuary. Some googling showed that it might not be a bad idea to go there. But who needed a destination, we just wanted to hit the road.

Kapil, me, Jagan and Abhinav took off on saturday evening around 6:00 (planning started at 4:00) and hit the roads. At 7:30 we were close to Meerut sitting in a dhaba having Tea when everyone was convincing me to go to Hardwar instead which we finally didnt and got stuck with the original plan.

The road was in good condition, and biking was fun. Best part was switching off the headlights when no vehicle was around in pitch darkness. It was breathtaking and fun too. We reached hastinapur and much to our surprise didnt find a single open shop in the market, leave alone a hotel at 7:30 in the evening. Driving up and down the road we ended up going to the Forest department office and ended up chatting with a old Forest incharge who could not stop talking.

After hearing more about him than i would have ever heard about anyone, he finally agreed to arrange for our stay and arrange for a stroll across the jungle in the night with two staff people. It was fun to roam around in the jungle in total darkness with only 3 dogs and a Torch to guide us at 11:00 PM in the night. We were back by 1:00 and after cherishing the bonfire for sometime we went to sleep.

The best part was our beds which were laid out in open in the middle of the jungle with only a pair of blankets and a quilt to save us from animals and shivering cold. Fortunately we survived to see the light of the day and took leave. We came across a nice collection of big and beautiful Jain temples which to our amazement were quiet empty. After spending some time there we left off to see the Ganga river closeby.

After a 12 km long drive on a broken and soiled road we reached Ganga. There was a small village at the corner and everyone there was busy in their usual activities. We took few snaps and left to come back to Delhi.

Fortunately there were no back or body aches even though we drove around 220kms in less than a day with only a few hours sleep. Overall it was a very different and funfilled experience.

Looking forward to more bike trips :))


pkj said...

Nice pics.

Looks like the Jain temples were under construction. A factoid for you - After the sthapana photography inside the temples is generally prohibited. You were lucky !

Rakesh said...

saw the pics yesterday only :)

Kunal said...

another trip for you :) whats next?

anyways, I had also gone for a weekend trip.. will put up the account soon ...

Sangfroid said...

nice :-)
the temples luk quite fabulous n sleeping in the open must have been a 'chilled' experience :-P

more bike rides ... come over man.


Sreejith said...

that sounded really exciting! and yea.. come over to bangalore for the bike trips ;)

sandeep said...

@pkj: thanks dude. yeah the whole temple was empty so i asked the pandit ji if i could take a few pics and much to my surprise he permitted :))

@rakesh: ;)) how come??

@kunal: abhi to koi next plans nahi hain..lets c .. waiting for ur post ..

@sanggroid: yeah it really was chilled experience..yeah i wish i could come to bangy...

@sreejith: it was actually quiet exciting..i wish i could come permanently their ;)) there r so many places around bangy ..

smr said...

saale tripbaaz. mujhe nahin bulaya.