Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy Diwali time

I distinctly remember cherishing the few weeks before diwali every year. Though I stopped adding to pollution (read bursting crackers) or eating lots of sweets a long time ago but still that festive mood starts long before diwali. This time it was no different but I was too busy all the time to actually think about it. That’s the reason why I was waiting for this longer than usual weekend since a long time.

Lots of things happened in the last two weeks. I was busy in office with work and so got very less time for chatting too. Ranta, Malik and Bhargava came on Friday night and we chatted till 4:00 AM or so and still Ranta didn’t want to sleep (as usual). Jagan left on Saturday to Chennai realizing just in time that his flight was at 1:00 and not 3:00. Darbari, Raheja and I went to see Star Dust (3.75/5) and went to Amoeba to play a game of basketball scoring 55, 60 sth and 75 respectively(sorry, raheja's score was 75, i was 65 :( .. ). In the evening we went to The Great India place mall (I went first time) and I really liked it. It was so big that one needs pretty good stamina to see the whole mall in one go. We had good pizzas and not so good (very bad) Pasta and Spaghetti at Sbarro, an Italian restaurant.

After coming back home on Monday at around 9:00 from office we had to go to Delhi to see Priya. At 10:30 Priya and Kapil were blessed with a baby boy and I became Mama (uncle ). I had never seen a new born baby in real life before. We were there till 1:00 or so and came back home after that. In the next two days I had to drive down to Delhi thrice and we got stuck in very bad traffic (worst I have seen) in which we were stuck for more than 3 hours. Even TOI covered it today on front page. I also bought two books – losing my virginity, Richard Branson’s autobiography and Rich Dad, Poor dad which I heard is pretty good too. All this time I had lotsa work at office too but still we went to Desi Vibes on Teusday for lunch where I liked their pickle collection so much that I ate pickles after more than 2 years.

Finally the long awaited holiday came and I got up at 10:00 and took a long time to get ready after which I went to see Priya again and went to office from there. Though I wanted to work but didn’t really feel like. Amal and I chatted (voice) on gtalk for more than 90 minutes and tried a crazy idea of transferring a full 700 MB movie over gtalk. In one hour it transferred a cool 200 MB appx.

As all the noida friends are out of town so I will be at home most of the time during diwali. Planning to read those books and see Jab we met, bhool bhulaiya and Dil dosti etc which I got on my laptop (thanks to Raheja and Amit) and offcourse who can forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S .

Have a enjoyable and eventful diwali. And keep environment clean by avoiding crackers .

PS: Wrote this yesterday (choti diwali day) but posting it right now.


Sreejith said...

happy diwali chandu 'uncle' :D

sangfroid said...

Do not misuse the corporate bandwidth by transferring movies :-P

sandeep said...

@sreejith: thanks n same to u son ;)

@sangfroid: It was a holiday man, nobody was using it anyway .. I was utilizing it :D

kunal said...

so how was the Diwali Sandeep Mama? :)