Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trip to Chicago..

I went to Chicago (Illionois) to attend Adobe MAX 2007 conference last week. I knew that it was tough to see the city during the conference so I extended my stay for a few days with a colleague of
mine. It was good to stay away from my cell phone and newspapers for 10 days continuously.

Here is a not so small Album:

The conference was grand in true sense. It was attended by 5000 people of which more than 95% were non-adobe people. It was a lot of fun as there were parties thrown each day. There was a grand party on second day with dancers from outside, and there was a skater board/cyclists track on which professionals were showing their cool stunts. They had put the "Back to the future"'s time machine also for display just for fun.

After the conference we went to Purdue university to visit my colleague's brother in West Lafayette. It was a small town with beautiful and small houses with lots of greenery all over the place. I bought a Panasonic TZ3 (10x optical zoom/7MP) there from Circuit City. Still exploring the features and functions. We came back to Chicago on Saturday and went to Navy Pier and took a ride on 150 feet high Ferris wheel. The view of skyline was awesome from here with whole city lit up in orange and white.

We started early on sunday and visited the famous museums of Chicago. We were fortunate to see the Marathon that was planned for that day which had participation of 34000 people. I cant imagine running 26 miles continuously huh! We came back tired and slept late after packing up. On Monday we took our flight back to India with good memories.

General Trip Rating:
Must See:
John Hancock observatory on 94th floor offers breathtaking views of the whole city and lake michigan around. Go to the museums only if you are very interested in seeing and you have lotsa time to spend.
Must do:
Take a morning walk on Lake shore, a jog if u will. I spent like 2 hours on that shore and it was amazing, I had never walked so much (around 5-6 kms nonstop). The skyline looks awesome too from here.
Take a CTA visitor pass for 5$ a day and you get unlimited access to all trains. CTA train goes directly from Airport to downtown and a regular bus service connects most of the city.

General Updates::
Saw Johny Gaddar (3.5/5) and Laaga Chunri main daag (2.5/5) yesterday. Followed by a not so long drive with Abhinav, sourabh and Jagan in my car with stereo blowing high decibels. After coming back home today saw few more movies - Disturbia (3/5), Captivity (2/5) , Accepted (3.75/5). Slept for 7 hours in the afternoon, I guess jet lag is still on. Got up at 10:30 and still awake so thought of using my time 'constructively' by writing a blog.

Already seeing a touch of winters with temperatures going as low as 22 in the night. Good relief from summers.

Manjeet came to noida for 5 minutes (ok, 30 minutes for 6 of us :P). And yes his marriage is fixed. The big day is 16th Feb.