Wednesday, September 26, 2007

early bird.. gets to attend the meeting ..

Luck is against me or sun is rising from a wrong direction, something or other is affecting my life in a adverse way. I have been getting up early in the morning for some reason or other. Most of the times its the meeting on Thursdays at 8:00 AM that unfortunately was scheduled by myself. Getting up in the morning for all the wrong reasons is not a great thing to do. But huh! what can you do when duty calls.

Like most of the people I am also not a big fond of meetings, and the dislike gets elevated if the meeting is at the wrong times. Anyways, it doesnt matter much as I end up leaving the room and enter the wonderland of my thoughts in most of these meetings. Same thing happened in one of the meetings last week and suddenly I heard my name - "Sandeep why dont you add something here?" .

I took few seconds to recollect what was happening :P and then thought about what was the meeting about. And then came a big 'yeaaahhhhh' that gave me enough time to think up something to say. Then I started off. As they say - "When you dont know what to say, use some big words and phrases" . I had heard of some of the words that people were saying when I was busy in my thoughts so I just started linking everything together with conjunctions between them. And woaah! It didnt go that bad. I was acknowledged with 'yeaah', 'right' and 'true's. I guess I was not the only one wandering in my thoughts ;). I guess I graduated in the 'art of speaking' course :).

Come to think of it, it was an easy situation as compared to what happened today. I came at 7:50 and was waiting for other people to join in on the conference call. All but my manager turned up. Now he is the one who leads the meeting, what am I supposed to do? I called him up on his phone and as I had expected was busy sleeping :) . Well thats what most normal people do at 8:00 AM in the morning. But now what? I had no idea what to speak about, so I just summarized the last meeting and thoughts flew from there, people participated, things were discussed, solutions achieved and it was already 45 minutes since we had started. It went quiet well now when I think of it :). So I guess I have also got my first lesson of 'art of managing' :P ..

I am glad that this early morning meeting will be over soon.

General updates:
- one month whizzed past so fast since my last post on my bday
- attended cousin's marriage in Chandigarh - full masti, photos here.
- explored lotsa things on Flex/Actionscript/CSS
- A big get together on Darbari's birthday last to last weekend - Nainital plan got cancelled :((
- Attended a Preliminary Guitar class starting in Office, not decided whether I will join.
- Bothra got engaged, heard the news while I was in Chandigarh, couldnt stop smiling all day ..
- Achieved new speed limit on my Alto - 128KMPH on the way back to Delhi from Chandigarh
- Got a Sony XPlod GT-250S Car stereo with JBL speakers fitted in my Car, have started loving driving all the more since then. The "Thump" is here.
- Delhi weather shifting from Hot to Cool, its awesome outside right now with a bit of drizzle. Winters on their way.