Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Office group trip to Shoghi near Simla

Dont know what I was busy with that I did not blog this one. Went for a weekend trip to Simla after shipping CS3 (Creative Suite).

After a tiring 11 hours in bus we reached the Park Wood resort. It was more hot than I expected and wanted. But anyways it was fun. The resort was made on a hill without disturbing the ecosystem of the place. There were Camps and Huts at different heights. Jagan and I shared a Camp. I was a bit surprised to see camps with attached toilets.

Went for a short trek post lunch.

I played cricket after years. And actually scored some 10+ runs ;)

Burma bridge. Is nt as simple as it looks.

Had a bonfire + bar-be-que + DJ + dance in the evening

Went for a longer trek in the morning. Around 2 hours to-n-fro

Relaxed after coming back

And left after breakfast :)

Short and sweet. Had a good amount of fun and eventful ride back home. Played dumb-charads, 20 questions, antakshari and what not. And back to work on monday :)

Wow! Writing short travelogues is so damn easy and fast :)


Sreejith said...

this was really short going by your standards :) and what no. was this... trip no 20? :D

Anonymous said...

Jagan Looks bald :D

Since when the gods started having this hair fall problem :-)

sandeep said...

@sreejith: I had to resist the temptation man. This was umm,err, yes 20th i guess :)).

@anonymous: Its the duty of gods to first create chaos and then send hope ;)) thinking about it, I should remove that pic or jagan wil kil me

kunal said...

jagan looks good :D

and dude, seriously you can become a travel-writer .... try your hand at it ...

nipun said...

nice... all that's left i think are places down below as you've most of Northern India i knew of at least :))