Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another year gone..i turned 23

I turned 23 today. I have never felt like getting older till now on any of my birthdays as life has always become more beautiful with every year. But there is something about turning '23' that I am getting a feeling of growing older.

Is it the '3' which is reminding me that after few years I will be in my thirties? Funny thought. I have always believed in '18 till I die', 23 is just another number. Its probably because of the next phase of my life (read 'marriage', and no, no plans as of now) that I am getting closer to by an year thats making me feel older. Anyways, who can defeat aging. Ponds? or Garnier? :P

In any case life is running quiet fast. Every day just whizzes through without even a slight notice. So it occurred to me to write about what all I did in last one year and probably take some resolutions for next one year (another form of new year resolutions).

So here is a glimpse of my last year..
- Aug 14: Joined Adobe and flew kites
- November: Got a Spot award for my contribution
- Jan : Got promoted
- May: First major deadline :) Project ship close
- July end: Went to Park Resorts in Simla with office group
- June onwards: Learning Flex

- Oct-Nov: Started playing Lawn Tennis with Sourabh (first time :))
- Oct 28: Went to Rishikesh and did water rafting, camping for first time
- Dec 10th: Sister's marriage.
- Dec 25th-1st Jan: Went to Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur
- March 3: Bought a new Wine Red colored Alto LXi
- March : Learnt car driving
- May : Went to Chail on Kapil's car
- June : Tried swimming, but went only for 4 days
- June : Went to Dehradun/Dhanaulti driving my Alto for 600kms in two days.
- June end: Went to Hyderabad to meet friends and to Lonavala from there.
- June : Collaborated with Amit in starting Toastmasters Club in Adobe and became a part of Executive committee for same.
- all through: Read few books, ones i remember - The Blue Ocean strategy, Good to Great, Fountainhead, Winning, Success Principles, God's Debris
- all through: Gained some 5-6 KGs and few inches :(
- all through: Did lots of orkutting and chatting

Next year goals:

- :D .. none

- Buy and read more books : Atleast 12
- Learn Swimming
- Play more Lawn Tennis
- Trip to Leh/Ladakh (or Manali) on bike
- Gotta do Rafting again
- Complete CC Manual in Toastmasters
- Gotta lose some around 6-7 kgs and atleast 2 inches
- Learn to play Guitar
- reduce orkutting and chatting

Thanks a lot to Darbari, Jagan and Sourabh for arranging the birthday party and special thanks to Jagan and Sourabh for bumps. I hope the 2 hour long discussion that we had after cake-cutting/bumps session will be fruitful to most of us :D. May be I should throw more light on our efforts/results on my next birthday...

Cya on next 25th August..


Element-In-U said...

nice blog 18...

@nks said...

happy birthday :) !!

mythalez said...

happy birthday .. so now u r in the 'prime' of ur years :P

Adi said...

happy belated b'day dude ..

kunal said...

23 only... you young people keep thinking that you are getting old :P listen to me, I have one more year of experience on this earth.. :)
anyways happy birthday dude ...

sandeep said...

@element-in-u: thanks

@@nks: thnx buddy

@mythalez: thnx..and yes, after 3,7,11,17, 19 .. now 23 :D

@adi: Thanks dude

@kunal: 23 or 24..wt difference does it make :P .. thanks for wishes

Sreejith said...

excellent resolution on the professional front ;))

And belated birthday wishes. missed it :(

sandeep said...

@sreejith: thanks buddy..i know its a competitive world..hv to keep up :P .. its ok, never too late ;)

nipun said...

Belated b'day wishes dude :)
and call me u fr that trip to Leh-Ladakh :)

Anonymous said...

nice way to get bday wishes for the dudes who forgot it..hehe..may be I can help u get tat ladakh/spiti trip this year only..

Ravindra Rajaram said...

B'lated b'day wishes dude..and nice resolutions..hope u achieve 'em all!