Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dhanaulti/Dehradun trip

My Jiju (Kapil) and I were making plans of going to Haridwar (or Hardwar) and I asked Jagan and Abhinav too. All this happened on Friday evening and the plan was final. This trip was going to be one of those best experience because I was taking my Car along and I had to drive all the way :)). Haridwar, just 150kms didnt sound like a big deal though.

After usual delays we started at 5:00 o'clock, Saturday morning and within 2 hours we were sitting in a Dhaba having breakfast some 100Kms from Delhi. I drove these 100kms at a stretch. First record reached :). After eating good Aloo, Gobi paranthas and having Tea we moved further.

It was getting hot as the day was getting brighter and colder as we were approaching hills. Basically wee had to run. We stopped at few green and scenic spots and went further along. I dont remember when I asked Kapil if we were on the right road to Haridwar when he said we were going to Dehradun.

Well! The plan changed. There is a waterfall called as SahastraDhara that we had to visit in Dehradun and then come back to Haridwar. Looks good, we reached Dehradun and as I was driving I noticed that all the milestones were just showing Mussourie. Now Kapil and Abhinav wanted to go to Dhanaulti. Come on, its just 50 more kilo metres.

These guys I tell you are so good at convincing. But I was on the wheel so it was me who had to decide. I took the car to SahastraDhara and the drive was good. Roads were going up and down but this was only a beginning. We had a one hour bath in waterfall in which we kept jumping from one stone to another. After the bath we had good 25Rs Chowmein at a restaurant near parking and we got ready to leave.

While going back we saw a steep road. Now because that road was going nowhere, we had to take it. We drove for some 200metres after which there was all broken way and no road at all. The waterfall had forgotten its path and it came on the road too and off course we drove over that too. When the road looked totally un-driveable we started back towards Dehradun.

After discussing where to go over Pizzas in Dehradun's Pizza hut we decided to go to Dhanaulti. This was my first proper hill drive which felt good. I thought of giving the wheel to Kapil (who is a experienced driver and drives very well) but thought of giving it a try. Initially the road was steep but smooth. After few kms it became steeper and road was broken too but I drove on and on.

There were hills covered with lush green forests all around. Clouds were visible everywhere. It looked like heaven all around. I had to try hard to keep my eyes on road and not get immersed in the beauty. We finally reached Dhanaulti and checked into a hotel and went to the Sunset point to see the hardly visible sun.

It was already getting dark and the path was through the woods so visibility was also low. Clouds were visible all around. We reached the top of hill and it was getting cold already. We took the longer way back as it was already dark. We were coming down the road towards Dhanaulti as we discussed about new Serials like Heroes, and Friends, and Dragonballz.

We stopped at the Dhaba to eat Maggi and Tea. The owner looked like the "Just Imagine" dude in Krishh. We sat at that dhaba as we discussed about Kapil's trip to Singapore and London and Darbari's Newzealand experiences, the bungee jumping and what not. We brainstormed and found how IPOs work, how stock options are given in companies, how VC funding works etc. As they say minds start working when you get away from daily hustle ;).

After going back to the hotel we watched "Dil Maange more" and slept off. I hardly slept, thanks to the 100 Decibels Snoring of Darbari. Dont they ban people like that on quiet places :P. We got up full of energy the next day as it was raining in Dhanaulti. We wanted to eat at the Hill-top restaurant to enjoy the food but because of rains we ordered food in hotel. Sun god was happy for some reason that he showed himself soon and we took our second part of breakfast at the restaurant.

After eating more and more paranthas we started on our way back to Delhi. Just after starting from Dhanaulti , some snow-covered peaks were visible.

We took few photos as we thought of going to Badrinath which offcourse we didnt have time for. The journey was great as I made my Car touch 105-110 for sometime. Finally after one stop where we ate packed Bun-butter that we had got in Dhanaulti we reached Ghaziabad around 4:45 (7 hour drive). In all the trip was great and experience was wonderful.

More info:
- Distance from Delhi to Dehradun/Haridwar/Dhanaulti is appx 220, 190, 250 respectively.
- You go from Delhi->Ghaziabad->Moradabad->by pass Muzzafarnagar->Roorkee->Dehradun->Dhanaulti . Or Roorkee->Haridwar
- The above route is not considered very safe so prefer driving in day time.
- Finding accomodation is pretty easy in Dhanaulti though its a very small place with very less hotels.
- There is not much (almost nothing) to do in Dhanaulti other than sitting and relaxing with Maggi and Tea. There are 3-4 restaurants where you get decently good food.
- Road from Mussourie towards Dhanaulti is broken in Rains so take care of that.
- Rating
: Trip 4.5/5
: Dhanaulti 4.75/5
- Best time to go. Anytime when its not raining. I am not sure but I think it should get snowfall in winters, summers are very pleasant. Nice getaway from City's Hustle and heat.
- more pics here
- picasa rocks


Sreejith said...

Dhanaulti again?? And u stayed in the same place kya? WoW! And travelling in your own car is a great joy :) alag hi maza hai.

sandeep said...

@sreejith: Yes absolutely. We were getting a room in that Government Guest house but that was a bit expensive, so we stayed in the same hotel. Cheap and good. Travelling in own car is great, driving it all the way is awesome :))

@nks said...

awesome pics ...

some of the hidden beauties ... :)

sandeep said...

@@nks: yeah the actual views were breathtakingly beautiful..

sandeep said...

@manjeet: of the best compliments i ever got..thnx ;)

smr said...

oye tripbaaz.. kaam kar.
aur kabhi punare doston ke liye bhi time nikaal.
whaaats the prograaam ???

sandeep said...

@work hard, party harder + work less, party more .. ;) .. is it possible for u to come over tomorrow?? .. lets go for Harry potter and then play Age probably... wt say

kunal said...

saale ghummakad... kamine jab dekho ghumta rahta hain, kaam kar.. aur logo ki jala mat :)

sandeep said...

@kunal: teri jal kyon rahi hai :D .. hehe..i m roamin so that wen u guys come to north i can take you places :D .. hehe

Vardhman said...

I am so jealous(the photos and your closeness to nice places) and Nostalgic(Shimla trip)

sandeep said...

@vardhman: hehe i like it when ppl get jealous :D .. its ok dude..u r also going places..hv fun :))

Adi said...

dood .. u are going to set a record for the most number of trips .. [:)]

sandeep said...

@adi: dude..i wish that was true..but i know ppl who roam around much more..huh!! lucky ppl..but still, thanks !!