Tuesday, June 5, 2007

You me - one on one

Wanna play boxing with me..here goes..

Link: PlayMyGame

courtesy, http://playmygame.com/ .. cool website..make your game and do funny stuff .. enjoy


utkarsh said...

you suck :(
link blocked here ..
games and dynamic content category .. :(

kunal said...

your ass has been duly kicked :P

sandeep said...

@utkarsh: :D .. hehe good for u that i didnt get to kick u in the game ;))

@kunal: :(( they should add levels also .. hehe

Sumanth said...

Yeppp they shud have added levels.. :D good one though!

sandeep said...

@sumanth: :)) hope they upgrade soon

Nishant said...

Yep, KO in 2:06 minutes