Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Global Warming - what is world doing for it

Came across this article on Techcrunch about Google/Yahoo's initiatives on Global warming and found it pretty interesting how big brands want to create a better world but we as individuals do not. We keep cribbing about how Government is not providing electricity round the clock rather than saving it. We keep cribbing that the government provided public transport system is bad and the traffic situation is chaotic rather than keeping the public system clean and doing more car-pools. We waste water happily thinking that its unlimited whereas ground water levels are depleting all over the world.

We, the educated class of professionals who are aware of the disastrous condition of our planet should actually take initiatives ourselves. We should save electricity whenever possible (shutdown PCs, switch off fans etc) , burn less fuel (car-pool, use two wheeler rather than Cars, trains rather than planes) , say no to plastic bags (use jute bags) , save paper (take lesser printouts, use paper more judiciously) .

And not just that, we should educate everyone about the dangerous situation earth is in and how we can avoid it.

A photo is worth 1000 words:

Alaska, 1973

Alaska, 2006



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Kapil said...

Ya buddy, you are right that the magnitude of individual concern on this matter is absymally low. If bike pool counts as a measure of reduction in CO2 emissions, then I am in...So are u :P

sandeep said...

@kapil: yeah bike pool for 2 ppl is better than carpool for 2 as we utilize all the seating space :))