Friday, June 1, 2007

32nd Milestone - Go Karting, Bowling and DJ

After months of hardwork and beating deadlines we finally reached a very important milestone. 32nd milestone in Gurgaon was exactly the place for the celebration.

On Thursday, 31st May 2007 twenty five of the whole team finally made it to 32nd milestone. It took us more than an hour to reach there (noida->gurgaon) but the wait was worth it. After entering Gurgaon it was totally a new world with skyscrapers and flyovers all over the place. It did look like shanghai to me (not that I have been there :P).

We reached at 4:30 and directly went for Karting rounds. The laps were quiet small in length but 10 laps in one go neutralized the effect. Most of us had multiple rounds after which we went to the cafe for snax and drinks. The best thing in snax was the malai tikka (non-veg offcourse) with green chutney. After filling our stomachs to extremes we went for bowling game. My first strike gave me a big Zero but I still reached close to 100 (97) which offcourse was nothing compared to Manish's 114 and Jagan's 138 (Saran reached 100). Thanks to Preeti that I wasnt last :) .

Saran , Jagan , Sandeep and Manish tried their hand at Cricket too in dimming light. In the mean time other people were going through their karting rounds. We had another snax round and we went for bowling again. Saran and I had a game of ice-hockey too which I won very narrowly. Harsh, Anchal, Ayusman, Sunny, Ankit, Amit had gone crazy while bowling, giving bumps to everyone. Anuj made a whopping 165 in the last bowling game.

We assembled at 8:30 for dinner when the DJ Rocked us. Everyone danced to his tunes till the music stopped at around 9:30. We had a quick dinner round after that with delicious Kashmiri pulao and awesome moong dal halwa after which we left 32nd milestone.

General info:

Karts are old, they stopped working after few rounds :))
They have an awkward rule of not hitting each other while karting or they will disqualify you
DJ was great with a decent size dance floor for around 15-20 people
Shooting was not working, and there were slight problems with a video game one of us tried
The place has good ambience and enough activities for enjoying a weekend

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Sreejith said...

welcome to gurgaon :D 32nd milestone is a decent place to pass time. I remember it because i made 160 in a game there :)