Friday, June 8, 2007

18 and still counting

I look back in my life sometimes, to see what I have achieved in last few years the top most thing that comes is Travel. I simply love traveling and it gives me tremendous satisfaction when I realize that I have seen close to 18 cities in these 11 trips in last 4 years. And the numbers are increasing fast :)

Here is a list of trips I made since Dec, 2003. These are the ones I remember as of now. I didnt blog all of them so some trip might have slipped from my mind, but thats unlikely :).

- Kullu/Manali from Delhi
Dec 2003 (with my 2 sisters by road in a Volvo)
- Goa from Hyderabad
Jan 2004 (with 12 friends by road in a Traveller)
- Mysore/OOTY from Bangalore
June 2004 (with Shekhar,Abhinav,Piysuh - during GE internship)

## Then i started blogging :D

- Simla or Shimla from Hyderabad via Delhi/Kanpur
Jan 2005 (with 12 friends, by road in two Qualises - after ACM programming contest)
- Goa from Hyderabad
Jan 2006 (with Amit, Manjeet, Amal, Ketan, Manoj, Vinod, Nitin, by road in Qualis)
- Sri Sailem from Hyderabad
June 2006 (with Amit, Nitin, Manjeet by road in a Indica)
- Bhuvangiri fort in Bhongir
July 2006 (with Gaurav, Nitin, Manoj, by road on Bikes - my Avenger and Nitin's Karizma)
- Pune/Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani from Hyderabad
July-Aug 2006 (with Vidit, Nitin, Rakesh, Nirnimesh, Ketan, Gaurav, by road in Qualis)

#after that I came to Noida

- Rishikesh (Rafting)/Mussourie/Dhanaulti from Noida
Oct-Nov 2006 (with Vikas, Pavan, Abhinav, Jagan, Sreejith by Road in a Qualis)

- Agra/Jaipur/Udaipur from Noida
Dec-Jan 2006-07 (with Sreejith, Ankit by road in Indica)

- Chail from Noida
May 2007 (with Kapil, Priya and Ridhima)

More to come: Plans are up for lonavala/khandala this month (few complications though as always :D) and Badrinath/Valley of flowers in August (planning stage)

Well, Thanks to everyone for accompanying me on these trips and making them more memorable. I already have few more places in Mind - Ladakh/Leh, Munnar, Pondicherry, Shillong, Nainital. Long way to go :))


kunal said...

I envy you!

sandeep said...

@kunal: come on dude, 2-3 trips pe to u were also there..dont envy me ;)

Kapil said...

And I thought I was going places!! Need to catch up with ur numbers.
FYi, I have just been to:
(Haryana, Punjab, U.P., Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh)..ohh shucks..9 states not the past 3 years though have covered much more in earlier years of my life..long live the LTC :)
The best part is that I have covered all by road n driven mostly.

sandeep said...

@kapil: Well your list seems bigger because u mentioned states. I was talking just about cities. But offcourse, when you travelled also matters. I travelled to all these places in last 3 years only since I found my love for travelling. And best part - only two of these trips were not self-sponsored :)) .. i wish i could drive as well as you do..have to catch up at that :)) .. next trip we go together, I do the driving :D

Kapil said...

@sandeep :
Think u missed the part in my comment that says that I have covered all in the last 3 yrs only.
The reason I travel by road is coz am passionate for driving..if u have that passion as well, u dont ask but drive...hehe

sandeep said...

@kapil: oops yeah i misread it i guess..thats passionate for driving bro (in law) but problem is I am new to driving (cars) and cant risk lives of those who r sharing the car ;)) on highways..need some more practice i guess..

Kapil said...

The probability of you risking the lives of those who r sharing the car with u is higher than that of finding a dude who would be willing to make this sacrifice for you..and knowing you, the P(1st scenario) tends to zero...haha

Practice will come when u initiate the proces, isnt it? So when ur on NH24, get the most of it..mayb sum1 (read me)..can accompany u :)
I think u will be better off in another 250-500 kms.

sandeep said...

@kapil: yeah I guess and hope so. I have become quiet comfortable with driving though, now I dont find a problem in parking, driving in traffic when are we going on our next trip ;)) .. btw, I wont call NH24 a highway . One hardly gets to touch 100kmph on that filthy truck-filled and padestrian happy alley..

kapil said...

Next trip :)) yum yum!!!
Funds n time r not a prob since I can b generous enough to compensate for those 2 of your non self sponsored trips!!
Ru game 4 this weekend travel to Palampur? Mayb starting on Thursday evening

Sreejith said...

Nice list chandu! For me, Rishikesh was the best trip ever. Thanks for being there. and if u ever plan to do kerala.. u know whom to call :)

sandeep said...

@kapil : Thanks for ur generosity, but I love Dutch :D . Wts with Palampur ?? will talk to you on phone about that.. but thursday is tough as I have applied for 3 leaves in later half of month...

@sreejith: Rishikesh was indeed an experience of its own. I really loved the variety of things we did from adventure sports to trekking to that adventure that was about to turn into a mis-adventure (but didnt :D) at Dhanaulti. I can even kill to repeat the whole experience.

Kapil said... mistake..i meant friday evening..palampur is on the way to Manali..beautiful when temp is around 45 here..wat say??

sandeep said...

not v sure but the plan sure sounds good. It might be difficult to find ppl and permissions ;)) .. lets explore the option anyway . Will call you in evening.

sandeep said...

@neo: looks good :D ..

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