Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Dilemma that comes in every early 20s guy..

You got it, am talking about marriage. Till few days back when someone used to tell me about his/hear marriage I used to get a shock thinking 'how could he/she get married so early'. And now it seems funny when i am in the same shoes.

Three days back when I went to office, everything was normal until I got this call in the evening from my Mom.
Mom: can you come a bit early today
me: what happened, is evth ok (this was the first time i had got such request)
Mom: yeah there are some guests who are coming over..
me: ok, i wil be there by 7:00

After reaching home I kept asking who is coming over and Mom was giving some vague descriptions. I thought why do I have to care anyway. Mom and everyone were busy in preperations etc and finally they arrived around 8:30.

I went and sat in the drawing room with everyone. There was this Uncle, aunty and a tall guy (their son) I was introduced to. Everyone was chatting very generally and I left to my room after dinner. After they left my Mom and Dad came to my room and gave me a photograph.

What the hell is this, I shouted. There was an argument for 15 minutes after which Mom and Dad sat and preached me few things and I had to give up as I had no specific reason to go against what they were upto. The family happens to be from Chandigarh and we are supposed to meet again in a few days. Dont know what to say in such a situation. Will update the post after the next meeting..


Majjj said...

rofl :)))

"how could you get married so early?"

smr said...

ha ha.


kaisi hai.. ??

ha ha.

smr said...

sdh ??

ha ha.

smr said...

pls tell me that its a 1st april joke.

neway.. good.
waiting for _the_ next post.

skp said...

Thats what happens if you join Job aka start earning. no one wants their daughter to be married to a guy still at college say me and worse, in cases like say ranta, nobody would any way like marrying their daughter to him.
Quit your job and ask for some money to your would be in-laws...

have fun oops you cant anymore

playboi said...

three letters for u..


kunal said...

hahaha :)

another one biting the dust .. !!

or is it april-1 joke ?

ankitkumar said...

"There was this Uncle, aunty and a tall guy" was kinda confusing ;)

smr said...

ha ha

@skp.. oh.. so thats why i am still unmarried. good.

Rakesh said...

Oye Adobe guy.. photo kahan hai ??

Adi said...

btw .. written on April 1st ;)

Anonymous said...

So a guy came to see you (Miss KAJOL). :)