Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tryst with Cooking - part 2

The part one (gobi paranthas) was not as good, but still a decent start. Part two was much better. This sunday when I got up at 12:30 PM (dont curse me, internet is free in night) my mom asked me what I would have in breakfast? Uhu Uhu! breakfast at 12:30? how about a quick snack!! sounds good. And I jumped :) , time to make Omlette.

Making an Omlette is much easier than Gobi paranthas definitely, you dont have to try hard to make it circular :), any shape will do. Here is a quick recipe.

- Cut half onion, and half Tomato
- Take two eggs and break them with a knife
- pour the eggs in a small container (bowl or sth) and stir
- Add onions/Tomatos and some salt (sth like 1/4th of tablespoon should do)
- Put some more spices as per taste - red chilly or whatever
- put some oil (1/3rd of teaspoon should do, use butter if you like that way) on the frying pan and let it pre-heat for 3-4 minutes
- pour the egg mixture on the pan and level it by bending the pan in different directions
- wait for some 1-2 minutes and turn the egg upside down
- just 1/2 more minute and ummmm!!! time to eat

Have to learn cheese omlette next :))), and french toasts .. shit , when is the next holiday!!!


#$%^&* said...

Chandna you will surely be a very good husband . Your wife will be happy, so u also can be :). You are trying very hard. Keep it up.......
Also we will be able to learn few dishes when required.
Good job. You score 1%. You will get 100% when u r ready 2 make anything i.e. demanded.

sandeep said...

@#$%@#$%: thank u, thank u!! :) .. but one thing, i m not tryin my hand at cooking thinking that it will make me a 'good husband' , its just a hobby :))) .. and i am not even 1% dear, cooking is an art, and it takes hell of effort to become a good artist ..

Sumanth said...

I ended up making burji the first time I tried omlettes so decided to make burjis only from then on ;)

sandeep said...

@sumanth: haha..bhurji also tastes good..atleast u tried :)) .. keep up the good work..

ketan said...

kewl man...not for ur cooking stuff, i know u sk. in that but for pacman...now i don't hv. to download it everytime...just open ur blog n play...can't it be maximized :)

sandeep said...

@ketan: haan beta agli baar milega na tab tujhe kuch bana ke khilaoonga...fir bolna

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