Saturday, December 16, 2006

My sister's Marriage

I am not an eternal believer in the institution of marriage, but I do believe that the functions and celebrations involved in marriage are a very good way to get together and catch up with people. Tenth december 2006 was my sister's Marriage, and what a marriage it was.

I met more relatives in three days than I had met in the last 5 years I was away from home. My house was always full of activity in the last 2 months. Shopping/ preperations/ arrangements/ card distribution , huh! what not. So much so that after all functions completed and all relatives left I was feeling very lonely :( . The functions - Shagan, Ladies Sangeet, Milni (when baraat comes) were all great. I was really amazed by the number of formalities that the groom and the bride and their relatives had to go through. The worst part for the groom and bride is probably to face the cameras continuously for 3-4 days with so many lights flashing and getting clicked with different people surrounding them :). An experience in itself, ok for once in a lifetime.

Anyways, the best thing for me was my friends (thanks guys) who took so much pain in coming from Hyderabad (err! Gwalior/Agra) (Manjeet, Amal, Abhishek, Manoj) and also those who didnt take so much pain and came from Noida (Abhinav, Basu, Sourabh, Piyush, Ajay, Kumargaurav, Jagan) and Gurgaon (Ankit and Sreejith). They really made the event happening with their dance on Ladies sangeet :P. The best part was their stay at my place when we played Dumbcharads and cards all through the night on 9th december.

I was really lucky to shift to NCR just in time and spending last 3 months at home with my sister after which she had to change her place forever :( . What a rule of society. Anyways, thanks to that tradition that I finally got one full room all to myself in my home. I have lots of plans to re-invent the room - putting wallpapers, removing the bed for more space, having a small gym inside, and a jacuzzi :P .. lets see how many of them materialize :).

Many people asked me for photos, but ummm wait people, time will come for photos...

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