Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kabul Express Review

Rating: 4/5. The movie did not have a story or anything, but locations, direction, acting, cinematography were good. There are hardly 10 main characters and the movie revolves around them but definitely worth it.

What to look for: Fight between Arshad Warsi and the Taliban guy over who is better between Kapil Dev and Imran Khan. The cool eye candy, Linda Arsenio (one sitting on the jeep below) looks and acts really good. Lots of deserts and broken buildings. Last but not the least Arshad Warsi's comedy :) .


Gaurav said...

movie i donno ... but played pacman after ages :D

Whts up ?

sandeep said...

@gaurav: movie is good, u can c after u r back :P .. or whts up ka kaa matlab hai be..kabhi chat pe milo tab baat karenge..hehe..