Friday, November 24, 2006

Had a Blast in Haveli (Team outing)

The outing was long overdue and it happened yesterday. Haveli restaurant, 16Sector, Noida. Really a decent place to eat, drink and have fun. We left office on friday evening at 7:00 o'clock and reached there within 15 mins (Thanks to lot of traffic, the drive is just 5 mins). We had got an enclosed (almost) space with capacity enough to hold 28 of us.

Though I was surrounded by some unknown people, but thanks to the party that they are not unknown any more. Huh! I laughed so much after so longgg I cant even remember. The best guy who stole the show was Raja Ashok who was just sitting beside me and was a bigger PJ master than I myself am :P. Had beer also after a long time. Haywards works for me :). With the special 'paid peanuts' and lots of non-veg starters in the beginning which were delicious we were already full when our Program manager Sarandeep ordered main course. Uhu Uhu! nice chicken tikka masala. And then it all ended with a cool butterscotch icecream.

Had a real good time. Looking forward to more parties of that sort. Free as in Free beer :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Harry potter and the Order of Phoenix Teaser: Releasing july, 2007

Got this Harry potter and the order of phoenix trailer on youtube. Posted yesterday.

Cant wait to watch the movie...releasing july 2007

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The gobi paranthas...

Few years back I had never thought that I would like cooking ever in life. But I did. Sometime back when I had lot of extra time to kill I thought of finding a hobby for myself. Cooking looked interesting to me. I could never start full time cooking like some of good chef friends of mine (Ranta, Vidit, Manjeet) who make lots of different things. Ranta for that matter is a passionate cook. He makes Rajma (Dal in his language :P), Rice, Capsicum, etc pretty well. Thanks to them that we had a blast at Manjeet’s place last year once when we all joined hands and cooked lots of things (Rajma, paneer pakoras, Dal etc) and ate like kings.

I was at home once for a month before starting my career full time and had thought to learn cooking from my Mom who is one of the best cooks (Thanks to her that I have grown fat at home :(). I actually made Mooli, Gobi paranthas once at home (OK! I admit that she helped me) and made them well too.

Last Saturday my Mom went to Delhi with my sisters for some shopping (My sister’s marriage is round the corner, so you can guess shopping was for what.) and gave me the RESPONSIBILITY to prepare Chapatis for Dad. Uhu Uhu! Can you digest that. Well I took the challenge.

When Dad came home I asked him whether he would like to have Paranthas or Chapatis in Dinner. Obviously he laughed at me :(. But I still took the challenge. And guess what? I did make decent Gobi Paranthas without Mom around to guide me. Ha! It felt good. 4 Gobi Paranthas, more or less round in shape, with decent looks (un-burnt and stuff) :). It was really a good experience and a good feeling of achievement in the end. When Mom and Sis came back they were amazed with what I had done in their absence.

Time to learn some more things, wanna try??

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Got a Mercedez SLR at my home..thanks to airtel..

Got internet connection at my home. So internet and internet whenever I want. The first thing I searched on youtube was Mercedes SLR and loved it more than I loved it in the Overdrive Magazine. Uhh! its just sexy...enjoy the video..and let me complete the video...Make: Mercedez, MC Laren edition. Thrice expensive as any Merc ever made. But its worth it ;)

Get an Airtel connection: 350Rs for phone instrument, buy a modem urself for 1100 or so rather than Airtel's 1500 and thats it. 250Rs for 100 local calls + 200MB daytime browsing limit + 99 Rs topup for free 9PM to 8AM free internet .. yippy :D youtube, google videos, blogging..back to the virtual world...