Friday, August 18, 2006

things are not the way they were before..

yeah! thats called change. The change was obviously expected. Afterall, I was shifting to a new (or old?) place, new ppl, new work, new atmos and everything. I cant really count the things which have changed.

Just a week back was my last day in CA (Computer Associates) and now I am here in Adobe. Came from Hyderabad to Noida. Left so many old friends behind, and have come here among more old friends (school and college). Coming across so many old faces that sometimes I have to think hard where I saw few of them last.

Office was 5 kms away, hardly took 10-15 minutes in peak traffic. Here its 20 Kms, takes anywhere between 25-45 minutes. Missing my bike too which is on the way as of now. Once thats here, I can try to reduce this time too :D.

Last 5 years I used to come home as a guest. And now I am a full time member at home. Have to go places to get aata/dal and stuff ;) (fortunately didnt happen til now :D). But thats a price I was willing to pay for good home food. Now I am away from all those adventures, trips we used to have on weekends. Really? I dont think so. Today only we were planning to go to ladakh :D. And weekends? yeah! we are going for a movie (great luck or sth - lindsay lohan) today night at 22:50 Hrs (has it got so late in hyderabad ever :D). And tomorrow we have a team outing with food and another movie :D.

But yes! one thing i miss most is hyderabad climate. The weather here is real bad. You sweat all the time ;) . Thanks to office/home ACs that surviving is not that tough. But I miss that cool breeze, those unending showers, the rocks which rocked, the late night talks, the cool green campus and those few old friends...

Miss you Hyderabad!!!


Rakesh said...

Dude !
Chalk out the Laddakh plan. It will be a good trip and also the long awaited re-union with the Delhi-walla Friends.

Buddy said...

Hey ... u transformin into a 'FAMILY MAN' ;) (d atta n d dal) hihi

Anunay Gupta said...

Surely miss uou Hyderabad!!

sandeep said...

@rakesh: yup sure...we r planning for september end..including 2 is gandhi jayanti and one more..

@buddy: not yet..lets c..:)

@anunay: :)

Piyush Bhargava said...

oye count me in tooooo for the ladakh plan !!
recently one of my colleagues went on ladakh trip .. can get a lot of info from him if u ppl r really serious.

Sreejith said...

abe lets not do ladakh. its tough to get there after august. i've found out a lot of other interesting places. Will discuss them when i come to noida.