Monday, August 7, 2006

Movie reviews: Shaadi kar ke phans gaya, Omkara, Anthony kaun hai

Last weekend was movie-full. Saturday evening we decided to watch Shaadi kar ke phans gaya because of the law of proximity. It was being played in the nearest theatre around - Hitech. Getting tickets was not a problem. The theatre was so empty that we could have started bargaining ;) but we didnt :D.

Yeah! movie was surely miserable. We entered the hall at 9:05 and after 10 minutes and 2 songs we were already frustrated. Not just the star-cast, but the direction, dialogues, presentation all sucked big time. So we got an idea!! 9:45, Sterling, Anthony kaun hai. Bingo! lets rock. We left the Hitech theatre at 9:23 and were on our seats in Sterling at 9:55 to watch Anthony kaun hai.

Anthony kaun hai was much better if not too good. But is really worth watching once. Some scenes are really funny. Sanjay dutt could have been given more involved role but his lack of presence was still ok.

Yesterday was omkara day. We bought the tickets for 70 (in black, original price:35) and it was total waste of money. I have heard some people who really liked it and cursed me when I told them how I hated the movie. The plot was ok, the non-talkative nature of everyone sucked which lead to lots of misunderstandings and leading to killing of lotsa people. Big starcast, but expectations not met. And PS: dont go with family/girl-friends if you dont want to get embarassed.

Coming weekend is Kabhi alvida na kehna...lets c what karan johar has for us this time...


kunal said...

tu 9:55 kehta hain.. rocky 9:45 kehta hain... kaun sahi? kaun galat?

and yeah "anthony kaun hain" mast movie hain ... full timepass, bas do-teen songs kam hone the :)

sandeep said...

@kunal: thoda sa idhar udhar ho jaata hai be..chal dono ki maan lete hain..9:50 pe sterling :D..hehe...and yeah! anthony kaun hai was mast

Rakesh said...

Hola ..

Sreejith said...

yaar here movie tickets cost the sky and the stars and maybe the galaxy too! i would go totally bust in a month if i saw 3 movies in a week :(( Hyd is so much better in this regard.