Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Commuting from home just became easier...

Got an IRiver U10 as a welcome gift in Adobe. Life is good..now I can listen to songs/Radio/FM etc while travelling to office for one hour :D (going/coming included)...Some features..
- Easy access with intuitive Direct Click interface
- Large & vibrant color LCD with dynamic GUI
혻(2.22 inch 260,000 color QVGA TFT-LCD)
- Chameleon Display, unusual ability to change its appearance
- Plays up to 28 hours
- Supports music file such as MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG Q10
- FM radio and FM recording reservation
- Voice recording
- Direct recording from a stereo (with cradle only)
- Photo album + Slide show**
- Movie player***
- FLASH player + Game****
- Text viewer
- Alarm with real-time clock
- USB 2.0, Ultra fast data transfer
- Easy synchronization on iriver plus 2 which is a digital jukebox program
혻(excluding US and EU model)
- PlaysForSure (for US and EU only, with WMP10)
- Firmware Upgradable

Source : http://www.iriver.com/html/product/prpa_product.asp?pidx=74


utkarsh said...

dude .. my birhtday is coming up .. can you gift this gift to me ?? I won't mind using it second had :D

sandeep said...

@utkarsh: dude u can come to noida, giv me a party..and take it as a gift..no probs :)

Ashutosh Parida said...

cool man ...
gr8 gift 4 gr8 ppl [;)]

Piyush said...

I like the Iriver more than Ipods .. lucky you :D ..