Thursday, August 3, 2006

Bachelor species

An year back when we were searching for a place to live we were shown the door many times after hearing 'we wont give the room to bachelors' or 'bachelors! sorry :)' or 'we dont have any problem but neighbours wont like having bachelors around'. Huh! god bless those few who dont still think the same, thanks to them that we have a place to cover our heads now :).

Why are bachelor's so unwelcomed everywhere ? Well! only bachelor's can answer that :) and may be those few who were haunted by this species. Bachelors do everything that a simple family man can not even imagine. Getting up at 1:00 o'clock, going to office, hitting the disc or a pub (or a simple long chat) with friends in evening, coming back at 1:00 o'clock in the night, playing football in drawing room (doing this on 2nd floor! what wil 1st floor people feel ;)) , playing music at peak volume, jumping , shouting and what not. Obviously this is unbearable to married/old people who like to live life like a machine (getting up at 6:00 o'clock damn it!).

Bachelor's life is so appealing to some guys that they dont even want to get married :). Afterall handling a wife and kids is indeed a herculean task. And then what will happen to late night parties, the frequent outings, the dirty room and endless chatting with friends. But then what can a poor guy do if his parents are pestering him (dont get any ideas! my parents are cool. Atleast till now :D) and forcing him to see pictures of gals etc.

Another problem is falling in love. It is indeed a very hypnotysing phenomenon. Once a guy is in love he cant do anything but love. He forgets his friends, those outings, those chattings, those pubs etc and only thing he likes is sitting under a tree with his beloved. Now obviously if one is in love like this (they say 'truly,madly,deeply') then nothing can stop him from getting married.

But while marrying a guy doesnt realize that its finally first year or two of enjoyment after which there are so many responsibilties to be taken care of that life goes for a toss. Kids, bills, taxes and everything. A married man cant even go for a trip once in 6 months. And even if he manages to save enough money for 4 people (unlike one for bachelors :D) and enough time for a trip, what a trip it will be. A family will go to a place, stand there for an hour, eat stuff, take pics and come back. They wont be able to have late night walks, trekking, rock climbing, travelling at night etc.

Basically a married man doesnt live for himself but for his family (the wife and kids). Luckily the perception is changing nowadays that people are living more for themselves than their family with the culture shift, earning women etc. Everyone has a life of its own. Yesterday itself I was reading in TOI that the chances of a person getting married at the age > 40 were minute 10 years back. But now its not so. People are choosing to live as individual, postponing their marriage for long. Afterall It aides in their personal as well as professional development. A guy who is getting married at 25 wont have enough savings for his family and will always be paying installments. As compared to a guy who marries at 32 or so who has 7 more years of savings, fun, and experiences which will probably make him a better family man. Not just that, if a guy has more years for himself he can try to change his career according to his liking, he can start a venture without any obligations/responsibilities towards his family. He will be more free to try anything before tying the holy knot.

Finally its not just the choice of a guy but also the people around. But bachelor life is indeed the best and most carefree. Three cheers to all the guys who are bachelors by choice:D


Nirnimesh said...

Chandna is getting married. That's what he's going to Noida for -- nearer his home.

sandeep said...

@nir: no sir i wrote already in the blog - "dont get any ideas!" :D

@majj: dekhte hain..:D

kunal said...

lagta hain teri shaadi bahut jald hone ki planning ho rahi hain tere ghar me... tabhi defending yourself through your blog .. :D and yeah I read - "don't get any ideas" , par kya kare khurafati dimaag hi hain hum sabka :)

Utkarsh Khare said...

nice post dude ..
yaar koi ye post maddy ko padha do .. vo to shaadi kar ke laut raha hai .. bechare ki social life to gayi .. no outing .. nothing .. basically screwed .. :D
vaise sach bolun to tune dara diya hai .. mera to vaise bhi 4-5 saal tak shaadi karne ka man nahin tha .. ab lagta hai aajevan brahamchari ban ke rahunga .. thanq dude .. tune meri aankhein khol di

Rakesh said...

Abe .. kyun dara raha hai .. main to aaj kal main shadi karne ko taiyar hoon .. bas koi bandi mil jaye :)

Sreejith said...

Thank u for standing up for us bachelors. but remember this post, for i am sure u'll be singing a different tune when u fall in love.

Vardhman said...

Bachelors by choice :) gg
And Single by circumstances :)

Rajkumar said...

Me not having any ideas ... But I can hear cry of bakra to be halalified ... lolz

Anunay Gupta said...

3 cheers from me also to these bachelor species [i had never realized! :D]