Wednesday, July 5, 2006

bike trip to bhuvangiri fort..

A wonderful sunday, 4 funloving friends, cloudy sky, a straight and low traffic road and a nice ride of 60kms to bhongir. Went to bhuvangiri fort last sunday, 4 of us including me, Nitin, Manoj and Gaurav. Though there were various roadblocks and delays but we finally made it. Had come to know about the place through a colleague (Thanks Ankur) so thought of exploring the place. Who cared of the fort, it was the ride that we were looking forward to.

We went on my Avenger and Nitin's Karizma, the drive was fantastic. Started at 4:00 from Hyderabad Central where we Packed Samosas/kachoris and lots of drinking water for creating a picnic atmosphere :). While on our way we came across a huge lake and s had to meet.o we diverted from the main road and took the bikes just metres away from the lake. It was a bit sunny but the Gods of wind were all on our side. On the way there is a long and clean road on which we raced our bikes. I took my Avenger at 100kmph for the first time :) and it was as stable as at 60. Avenger Rocks.

Reached bhuvangiri around 5:15 and the fort was very much visible. Sitting tall on a giant plateau, it looked pretty cool. We parked the bikes and started our way up. After various short breaks in which we discussed how the kings and queens lived in these forts and how this fort had been a tourist spot had it been in main hyderabad we reached close to top of fort. We had taken a wrong way up and so the only way to the top of the fort/plateaue was trekking on rocks. Nitin and Manoj stayed back and Gaurav and I proceeded. It was almost 45 degree slope and we were petrified when we looked down. The best way to survive was to go on and on and so we did. After reaching the top we were happy that we were alive :) . There was a haunted house on the hill which was abandoned. We entered and found all broken walls and windows. Took some photos imagining that a ghost will come in the background but nothing like that happened :( .

The most amazing part was the two large pools of water built inside the rocky plateau itself. We called Manoj and Nitin also as we had found another way to go down. We were wating on the cannon that was lying at the top of a small room like structure. After they came we ate samosas and kachoris ;) . The scene around was beautiful. The whole plateaue was surrounded by green fields and palm trees on one side and small houses on other. We could clearly see the road which we had come from. After spending some time there we started coming down rolling and falling on the rocks ;) .

Reached the bottom pretty quickly and started our way back. Again the ride was great except that it was pitch dark at some places and we could not drive very fast. We stopped at a dhaba to eat some pakoras as it was drizzling a bit but got only tea in the dhaba. There was a big traffic jam because of some road construction work but the drive was pretty smooth. After coming back everyone's back was paining :) but thanks to my comfortable Avenger, Gaurav and I were saved from the pain.

Reached home and slept like dogs, Nitin had to take the next day off due to serious back pain. It was our first long ride on bikes, plan to have some more of such kind :D.


kunal said...

cool maen! call me for the next trip .. hopefully my splendour will be upto the task :D

sandeep said...

@kunal: thanks man..btw, i tried this time also..had called rocky/vidit but everyone ditched ;) .. so cant time wil tel u directly..

Sreejith said...

looks like u had a great time :) next time mujhe bhi bulaa ;)

Anonymous said...


the place rocks.....m jealous even i wanted to be a part of such an xcitin trip...the place is too good.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey dont believe this Chandna for these trips .. He always says to me .. when u come here I will take u this place and that place... but he has never taken me to any place excpet Nihal Dhaba :((


Rakesh said...

I could have been there ... kamine maddy ne dhokha de diya ..

sandeep said...

@rakesh: will call u next time also..lets c if u make it :D

Anonymous said...

cool pics :)

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