Friday, June 9, 2006

Google Research prototypes ads based on TV

A team from Google Research has developed a prototype system that uses a home computer’s internal microphone to listen to the ambient audio in a room, determine what is being watched on TV and offer web-based supplemental information, services and shopping contextual to each program being watched.

Its really wonderful to see how Google is gaining its grasp over internet, but isnt there a limit? Users might really like to know some details about stuff they are watching on Television but this really looks like an overkill. Finding what a person is watching on TV is too personal to be sent over internet. Obviously the microphone thats taking input 10 feet away from TV wont leave the conversation the user is having with a friend or a business partner. Now who will filter that information? May be google will come up with another tool that would enhance privacy for its users.

Privacy concerns were addressed in the prototype by compressing captured audio on the user’s computer before transmitting summary data to the database for comparison and by offering a mute button in the program. Given Google’s recent ethical issues, these privacy measures may not be enough to assuage some people.
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sandeep said...

@Mr.nasty: yeah you are right in saying that they are not forcing us to install the software but some users dont always know about the privacy breech they might face after installing the software..

Anonymous said...

dude.. keep forwarding such links to my gmail id.. you know i find them exciting :)