Wednesday, April 19, 2006

long time no C

Well! no literal meanings here. Its not 'no C' as in no programming language C. Just that I didnt blog for so long. I had taken down inputs properly in Barcamp thinking of writing a detailed post on it, but huh! time flies. Life has become super fast express. Flew home last thursday, came back on sunday and did so many things at home in such a time crunch.

Watched Humko deewana kar gaye. Other than Katrina Kaif, the movie was full of s**t. I mean the story sucked, actors were ok. There were a bit too many co-incidences and nothing fell into place. Anyways! all is well that ends well. The songs Humko deewana and Fanaa were pretty good though. The dance sequence in Fanaa was pretty good and new ;).

Other than this movie at a theatre (100bucks@GZB :( ) I repeated lot many movies too. RHTDM (A movie I always C wen i go home for vacation), Nayak, FD 2, HAHK, this that huh!. TV is full of sh**. You just sit in front of it with a stupid remote and by the time you browse all channels the programmes change because it takes more than 1/2 hour.

Other than these, I met few people (V few actually as I told nobody that I was coming home) and attended a Marriage. Attending a Marriage is best when you dont know nobody. There were an awful lot of things to eat that I just tasted half of them and I was too full to eat more.

Made some new friends (some ppl know about stories) in the journey too. The trip was real cool. Short and Crisp as they say.

Just 4 days since I am back and already am running around for things. Went to institute twice to meet Vidit/Rocky and more people. So good of Nitin that he brought the 1st complete series of 24 at home. Have to complete that too. Met Gaurav too, went to deloitte after so longgg. Cleaned my bike after years (just 3 mnths old bike, but I didnt clean the bike before buying too ;)) . Today morning while coming to office I felt like going for a long drive. The weather was terrific, with cool breeze and clear sky. Was at 70 kmph but the road is too short to make you "feel like God" in such a small distance. Sometimes I feel the office should be 15-20 kms far to get you a feel of driving.

Does it happen with you too that you think of writing something, you start with something else and end up with totally different things. Huh! thats what happened with me.

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