Thursday, April 27, 2006

inhumanly Flying power of brain

Sometimes it wonders me how the brain reaches one event from other. Its like there are 100s of interconnected nodes of graph inside the brain. And one row of thinking is a linked list of those nodes. Huh! leaving that apart. It just happened 2 minutes back so thought of blogging :) about it.

Most of us have got this habit of putting status messages on Gtalk. We kinda create a chain of them. Once 4-5 of us had statuses based on 'if life is alcohol, i think i am drunk'. And so it goes.

Now today morning I come to office and open the webpage which Majji has advertised on his status message. The page seemed good. But what caught my eye was the skin and hand shake puzzle. It directly took me back to the very first day of my college (thats the linked list I was talking about).

The very first day (a sunday, 22nd July 2001) when I had joined IIIT Hyderabad, I had made friends with Manjeet, Sreejith, Paritosh pandey and few more people in 'that' wing.

When after getting bored for some time me and manjeet went for a small stroll in the empty hostel, we found PPandey with Arvind upadhyay doing some assignment or something. PPandey was narrating his funny encounters with seniors. Obviously on the very first day hearing about the 'first saturday night' made us a bit worried about ragging and seniors. It was right then when we came into view to two seniors who were enjoying the beauty of the rocky area surrounding the hostel on the terrace. We were called upstairs - me, manjeet, Bedi, Sreejith. This was my first encounter of ragging ever. He asked some basic stuff like where r u from etc and then came to more interesting stuff :).

He asked us about our favourite heroines. Then he asked us this puzzle which I have menioned above. skin and hand shake puzzle. Now this puzzle was presented to us in somewhat modified manner. I offcourse cant write the details here to avoid criticism.

I was sitting at my desk and thinking about that one full day, that first day of my Undergraduate degree. I wont say that I am being nostalgic as some people seem to be having problem with that :P but it was really amazing to go back in time just by linking events back in time starting from a simple status message.


kunal said...

Time travel through status messages... Huh! Can I get that idea patented?

Rakesh said...

hmm .. wondering about the possibilities of that modified form of skin and handshake problem ;)

sandeep said...

kunal: Sure you can, if you share the revenues with me :P

Rakesh: just relate it to the previous question and you should get it..:)

Sreejith said...

abe even i clearly remember that puzzle. Even i was there and so was bedi too i think. I think u chose preity and aish ;) but that was a good puzzle!