Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Information superhighway

I was thinking yesterday night about the internet. What is internet. Its basically nothing but information available freely (is it?) at any corner of the world. Websites with lot of information (and misinformation) keep getting added into the internet world and just become another link. The internet as of today is already HUGE!. Quoting Wikipedia here

"As of January 2006, over 1 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats"

If you just go to google ant type internet, it will give u "6,340,000,000" results. Isnt it huge. Anyways, my point of discussion is not the enormity of Internet. It is in fact how to get the information. Mostly when we go to google and click search for our query we get the required results. But are they really the best results we were looking for. Hmm! cant say. How many of us go beyond the first 2 pages of the search. Instead we refine the search to get better results. Does it mean Search engines are still not good enough to give us the results we need. Well! thats it. Not just websites, people have got this new habit of blogging. Many people spend more time on reading blogs rather than writing them. There are 100s of new blogs everyday, how do I know which is best to read, which has more information, or more stuff I am looking for. We go by popularity; people say they read this so we go there and start reading. But is this the only criteria. Moreover who has got so much time to browse through millions of blog to see which one is more interesting.

Basically, internet is getting huge every second and its growth is unlimited. And nobody has got enough time to go through most of the stuff available. But still internet is wild fire. If there is something thats worth hearing, it will be heard by many. Recently Google mistakenly released their online backup stuff on their website for sometime and see the results. Wild is the perfect word for Internet. Its is indeed increasing like wild fire. May be we need a new technology to tackle the existing problems of Web2.0.

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dude .. what are you waiting for .. come with something of your own..