Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Sth different about Felicity'06

This time we were a visitor to our (no, their) cultural fest. Well! its still ours. Afterall we are the 'alumni'. But this time it was a different experience. The events were similar to previous felicities, but people were mostly new. New faces everywhere. Offcourse there were familiar current 4th and 3rd year students, but whole area was mostly filled with present 1st/2nd years. It was really looking like 'some college's cultural fest' rather than IIIT's.

The best thing though was our night out on saturday. We were in institute till 4 AM (sunday) . We sat in the coffee shop from 10:00 to 2:00. Teased the people (mtech 1st year) who were celebrating somebody's birthday for the cake that they didnt share with us. Sang lots of songs, passed lots of comments to them. Here we includes me, Ramneek, Ketan, Bothra, Maliha, Priyanka, Bapu, Ranjeet and Vardhman. Then we got hungry and the coffee shop was already closed. We went to M$ and brought Noodles (cup noodles) and ate it on the stairs in front of the main entrance of our building. It was good :). Finally I came back home shivering like never before and slept.

The next day was similar. Few dance competitions, events thats it. We didnt even see the Mr/Ms felicity completely. Came back at 11:00 with mixed feelings....

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