Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Rang De Basanti...

I had read lots of positive comments for the movie so had lots of expectations from it. Most of the movies fall in a particular genre and so are liked by few kinds of people. But everyone who had seen this movie had only good things to say about it. And yes! the movie was worth it. It didnt fall short of my huge expectations. It had everything from funny side to romantic one, from friendship stuff to patriotism. All the actors did justice to their roles and the performances were appreciable. There were scenes that just made you smile and then there were those you would laugh at. You could feel to be a part of the movie rather than just the audience. And yes, not to forget, Alice Patten is really good. Her first 'Maa ki aankh' stuff was too good :).

Most movies just come and go, but some movies change lives. Just like we had 'Yuva', 'Swadesh' that generated a spark in the youth of India this would also have a similar effect. The impact from this movie would be greater as the movie had the calibre to touch deeper into the heart. Last month only the news came out that some 5 ex-IITians are joining politics. May be they were inspired by Yuva. We will probably read in newspapers about a politician's assasination by some college student in future. Its open to debate whether such kind of things if shown in movies will inspire youth positively or otherwise, but in a country like India its necessary.

I am really looking forward to watch it again, and I know I will find more people who would feel the same. Manjeet has gone today to watch it, lets see what are his comments.


kunal said...

And we have another RDB addict... :)
Welcome to the club dude! For the past I-don't-know-how-many days I have been listening to only RDB songs and have watched it twice... Waiting to watch it again :)

sandeep said...

Kunal: yeah me too going to watch it again, hope i wil get tickets in a good theatre. Btw, PVR is cool :)