Thursday, February 23, 2006

Memories of UG2K1

Amal sent this link yesterday : . I didnt even remember that this existed till now. But once I went there I got nostalgic. Though we had thought of making a diary/yearbook or something for our batch to remember forever but the idea did not materialize. This is somewhat an online version of it. Thanks Amal!!


Manoj said...

It was guddu who reminded us all with his status message in GTALK yesterday.

So thanks GUDDU too!!!!

sanyam said...

nostalgic dude ... i guess you feel nostalgic in every blog post ;)

.. but kahin aisa na ho that you pass this present of yours being nostalgic about the past .. and later in future you dont have anything to be nostalgic about :p

just kidding ...
forget the past ... live today tommorow ;)

Adi said...

hey what if we say it " Memoirs of GDIT2k1"

sandeep said...

sam: dude there is nth wrong in being nostalgic..u do good things today to enjoy and to feel happy abt them tomorrow..

adi: good idea..