Monday, February 27, 2006

My Fastest trip

My Bangalore trip this time was my fastest trip ever. I started at 6:30 Hours, Saturday morning from my place and was back home at 8:30 hours, Monday morning. Three days of less sleeping and most talking. I had never experienced this before.

Saturday: We reached Bangalore at 9:05 hours and directly went to Aum Plaza near Residency road. This is the place where interviews were held. I interviewed around 7 people by evening 19:00 hours and then came to our hotel. Taj Gateway, is a cool hotel with nice ambience and delicious food. I called Amal to check his plan and he was happily passing his time with others at upadhyay's place. They told me to come with Kaka to their place but I thought better to stay at hotel itself.

I ordered food, umm! I can still feel it. Paneer Tikka, chicken (bird flu :P), and gajar ka halwa. Ankit called up and I told him to come over. We ate and because I was getting bored alone I went with him to upadhyay's place. Ankit forgot the way to his place and we met them at 'Laddu's'. This stupid bangalore is so crowded that there is no limit. Everywhere we go, you will find people and vehicles. The new Garuda mall has parking till 9th floor. I dont know what people do there. We met at Laddu's and kicked each other. Ranta was wearing a 'hare rama hare krishna' kurta. Imran has got thinner, Upadhyay is soon going to compete Gaurav for long hair. Anubhav also jumped in. We played Cards at upadhyay's place with the new 'dirty 7' game that they taught me. Only those who would sit at Imran's left would win the game :D. Well! thats what happened. The radio was playing cool numbers and it was fun. I finally slept at 12:30 or so at upadhyay's place itself.

At 7:00 in the morning I got up to go back to hotel. I woke everyone up and said goodbyes. I reached Hotel and had a quick nice bath. I ordered breakfast and was full till my neck. We checked out and went to Aum plaza again. I had a long day ahead. Took around 12-13 interviews by 6:45 and everyone left with evening flight. I had delayed my flight to morning so had another night to spend with Bangaloreans.

I met Amal/Ranta/Upadhyay/Kaka on brigade road. They had paid some extra bucks to the headphone shop. So we went there to fight, but that guy was decent and returned the money immediately. We were standing there and discussing what to do for 1/2 hour and concluded that brigade road is so crowded because everyone is roaming like us - thinking where to go :D. Finally we decided to go for dinner. We went to friends restaurant in koramangala which Amal said serves everything delicious. That place was in a small alley but was still pretty crowded. People were waiting outside, guys were driving bikes all over the road, no parking space etc etc. We heard the full 'Roobaroo' song in the car and got into the restaurant. We ordered 3 pastas and could hardly finish them. Aditya and Piyush joined in and ordered 2 more ;). And guess what, they ate the whole of it. Good going guys!!. We were sitting for quiet long. Ranta left at 8:45 with Upadhyay and his bus was late. Upadhyay came back leaving him alone waiting for bus. We were again outside deciding where to go. I was again and again talking about going for a DJ :D somewhere though I was dead tired. Offcourse nobody was taking my idea seriously except Adi who asked - 'seriously mann hai kya jaane ka' to which I said 'hey to , but himmat nahi hai dance karne ki' :D. I was jumping around saying 'come on guys lets go somewhere, a movie or sth'. And yo! we got the plan. Firewall in PVR.

We went to that 'Garuda Mall' (the new one in Bangy, i guess spelling is wrong). It was as usual over-crowded. We could find the parking with lot of difficulty on the ground floor, 3rd floor parking being full :(. Aditya got tickets and we were all waiting and listening to people singing in front of us. It was a demonstration of some music system with audience involvement. People were volunteering to sing. One guy sang 'Aashiq banaya' thinking that he was singing very well, but he sucked :). Just for information, PVR tickets were 160 Rs on saturdays/sundays unlike in hyderabad - 90 Rs. Huh! and still the hall was almost full. The movie was okie/dokie.

Finally Ankit and I came to his place in an auto and for a change the roads were empty at 1:00 AM. Amal and Upadhyay left with Amal ditching me. He was supposed to see me off to airport but I told him to go away :( . I wont forget this Amal ;). I ate Ankit's head for 1 hour or so with V channel playing some crappy english songs . Finally slept at 2:30, woke up at 4:50 and got ready. I disturbed Kaka who was in his deep sleep to drop me to Airport :( . Sorry Kaka!!. I was back home at 8:30 in the morning and slept. Woke up at 11:00 and ran to get ready. Finally reached office at 11:45 and back to work after a long-short weekend :)...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Memories of UG2K1

Amal sent this link yesterday : . I didnt even remember that this existed till now. But once I went there I got nostalgic. Though we had thought of making a diary/yearbook or something for our batch to remember forever but the idea did not materialize. This is somewhat an online version of it. Thanks Amal!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another interview..and the result :(

Today there was an interview. After more than 10 months or so. I was totally out of touch but it came by surprise. But yes, there was one big difference between now and 10 months before. I was the one asking Questions today :). Yes! today I took first interview in my life. It was through telephone (with one of my senior with me) but this was more like a training session for me for the big upcoming event in Bangalore. The poor guy had 5 years of experience and as per my (and my senior's) frank assessment, he wasnt worth it so we rejected him.

Yes again! I am going to Bangalore this weekend (Saturday/Sunday) to take interviews for my company. Today morning when we came to know about telephonic interviews for our group I was really enthusiastic to attend it. And then my Mngr called me and asked me if I want to go to Bangalore this weekend. Huh! why the hell not. Already this Amal was eating my head since long to come to bangalore , so I said yes without thinking. It came to me later that both the days will be hectic and stuff, but its ok. The experience will be good (hopefully). Long time no see bangalore. It reminds me now, my first post in this blog was written in Bangalore itself when I was working in GE as an intern. Damn! its so long back.

" Me presently working in GE , Bangalore as an intern (May-June) , its 3 June 2004,16:40 "

Cool stuff! I am coming bangalore..

PS: Happy Birthday to Dixit...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sahara Amby Valley

Few months back I got some forwards and finally it came in newspapers..Sahara's Amby valley is out. Now its official. The place is really heaven. With 91% of the 10000 acres open, a golf course, few natural and artificial lakes, gardens, flowers the place is really cool. Not just that, the place is expensive too. Obviously you cant experience heaven for free :). Have a look at some of images :)

riots in Hyderabad

Just now the news came about riots in Mehdipatnam and Nampally area. The reason being Prophet's cartoons being published in newspapers. I support people's feelings for their religion but how does creating such tense situations lead to removal of such activities. This is a real large scale issue which is spanning multiple countries (Multi national issue), but people still go after short skirts of Sania mirza and playing of movies like 'Jo bole so nihal'. I really dont understand how can people find time for all these things. We do need some regulating bodies to avoid issues against religions etc but starting riots is an extreme thing to do.

PS: Take care while going out, I heard mehdipatnam and Nampalli are in tense situation right now.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Rang De Basanti...

I had read lots of positive comments for the movie so had lots of expectations from it. Most of the movies fall in a particular genre and so are liked by few kinds of people. But everyone who had seen this movie had only good things to say about it. And yes! the movie was worth it. It didnt fall short of my huge expectations. It had everything from funny side to romantic one, from friendship stuff to patriotism. All the actors did justice to their roles and the performances were appreciable. There were scenes that just made you smile and then there were those you would laugh at. You could feel to be a part of the movie rather than just the audience. And yes, not to forget, Alice Patten is really good. Her first 'Maa ki aankh' stuff was too good :).

Most movies just come and go, but some movies change lives. Just like we had 'Yuva', 'Swadesh' that generated a spark in the youth of India this would also have a similar effect. The impact from this movie would be greater as the movie had the calibre to touch deeper into the heart. Last month only the news came out that some 5 ex-IITians are joining politics. May be they were inspired by Yuva. We will probably read in newspapers about a politician's assasination by some college student in future. Its open to debate whether such kind of things if shown in movies will inspire youth positively or otherwise, but in a country like India its necessary.

I am really looking forward to watch it again, and I know I will find more people who would feel the same. Manjeet has gone today to watch it, lets see what are his comments.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Sth different about Felicity'06

This time we were a visitor to our (no, their) cultural fest. Well! its still ours. Afterall we are the 'alumni'. But this time it was a different experience. The events were similar to previous felicities, but people were mostly new. New faces everywhere. Offcourse there were familiar current 4th and 3rd year students, but whole area was mostly filled with present 1st/2nd years. It was really looking like 'some college's cultural fest' rather than IIIT's.

The best thing though was our night out on saturday. We were in institute till 4 AM (sunday) . We sat in the coffee shop from 10:00 to 2:00. Teased the people (mtech 1st year) who were celebrating somebody's birthday for the cake that they didnt share with us. Sang lots of songs, passed lots of comments to them. Here we includes me, Ramneek, Ketan, Bothra, Maliha, Priyanka, Bapu, Ranjeet and Vardhman. Then we got hungry and the coffee shop was already closed. We went to M$ and brought Noodles (cup noodles) and ate it on the stairs in front of the main entrance of our building. It was good :). Finally I came back home shivering like never before and slept.

The next day was similar. Few dance competitions, events thats it. We didnt even see the Mr/Ms felicity completely. Came back at 11:00 with mixed feelings....