Monday, January 30, 2006

back from the trip to Heaven...

Yeah! Goa is indeed another Heaven on earth. And yes, we finally went there. Though we had a bit of time crunch but still the trip was worth it.

There were lots of twists and turns all through the trip, even before it started. As AC and bothra had a meeting in the evening we were supposed to leave late in the evening. I went to AC's place after he got done with his meeting to have dinner and to get the CAB. It was already 9:15 when we had to go to the saloon to turn ourselves into cooldooods. After my hairdresser was done with me, I was like argh! I am looking like a cartoon :)) . AC was again and again saying, its ok, its looking good and stuff. We just came out of the saloon and started on the bike and here we go. 8-9 cops were standing in the middle of the road chasing 2 wheelers to check for license etc. Guess what! in hurry AC had forgotten to get any docs. Now here we go, convincing the 'good' guys to leave us but all in vain. Finally AC took an auto and went home to get the papers and I was standing in the middle of the road watching people and laughing at the situation. We were already late and now this. I got a call from Dixit, then Majji and then Bothra. All asking the same question 'kahan ho bhai, kab aaoge'.

Finally AC came back and we were relieved. It was about 10:00 and we had to take dinner at home. As soon as we reached home AC said 'arrey saala, main cab ko vahin chhod aaya'. Huh! we went back and told the cab guy to take the cab back home. AC took a left turn rather than the right one and we were on the wrong path. A road which both of us had never seen. AC said 'abe socho bothra ko ek super power mil jaye aur vo dekh sake ki ham yahan ulti seedhi roads par tehel rahe hain jab vo wait kar raha hai to vo kya sochega ;)' . Well! finally we reached home , took dinner and came out. We picked Majji and then came to our residence to pick bothra and ketan.

We could arrange all the stuff in the car by 11:15 but there were more twists in the tale. Dixit suddenly got this urge of coming along with us. I just said 'chalna hai to jaldi kar'. He started packing stuff and I went to tell the news to other people. They were all excited. Suddenly Jayaram and Nipun came from somewhere and we all started bcing. Nipun told 'ek kaam jaroor karna , khoob enjoy karna'. Dixit finally moved in all his stuff and then went to call home. He talked to his TL etc and finally came with a sad news that he wont be coming. Huh! so much for nothing. We finally started at 12:10 or so.

The journey was cool . We had some 3-4 good casettes which are not good any more for us atleast. We had an overdose of all songs. We stopped in the morning when whether was too good and there were some rocky hills with sprawling grounds around it. We played Frisbee for sometime, climbed the hill, saw the sunrise and continued...The journey was good in the morning but the heat was increasing. We stopped in Bellary becoz of a traffic cop who took 100 bucks for nothing. Actually he told us our way for Goa so 100 bucks for that I guess :). We took our breakfast and driver went to sleep. We were roaming around and went for icecreams in a hidden restaurant. The ambience was good with trees around and the service sucked. We sat for 1/2 hour before he brought us 2 juices and 2 ice-creams. We finally started for Goa again.

After spending few hours passing time with difficulty I got a stupid topic for discussion that passed more than 2 hours of our time. The topic was about existence and worshipping of God. Well! we had lots of examples from AC and some master theories from Bothra. Ketan was all the time listening and not giving in any inputs.

Chapter 1
We finally reached Goa and roamed for 1 hr finding our Hotel. Finally with AC's "valuable" inputs and foresight we could find the hotel. After freshening up we went to 'Rice Bowl' for dinner. The service really sux in Goa. It seems that they do everything so leisurely that you will end up having lunch for breakfast. But food was good. We went to the beach and celebrated Gupta Ji's birthday. We had our first encounter with the beach in the night itself. Finally we came back to our hotel and slept.

Chapter 2
Going to the beach early in the morning was the best thing we did. The morning was too good. It was sunny but the cool breeze was very refreshing. We jumped into the sea and played frisbee for an hour or so. Then we played Cricket on the beach. AC was not feeling well so wasnt in the sea and was meditating all this time. AC told us about his encounter with the fruit vendor on the beach. Every fruit was for '50 Rs' straight. Papaya, watermelon, pineapple - 50 Rs. Even bananas were 25 Rs dozen. Huh! we finally bought bananas and ate and buried them in the mud on the beach. May be next time we go there we will find a banana tree on the beach ;). Now we had the whole day ahead of us and we had to get the best out of it. We had to take breakfast too. So we went to this small dhaba types on the beach and ate pakoras/pav bhaaji and Tea. It was gooood :D. We came back to the beach and were lying down as if we didnt have any work in this world. Finally we planned to take bikes and go to Aguada fort and then to some more places around it. We had to take bath in the hotel so we left Gupta ji and Bothra on the beach as they were not willing to come back. Thats when we 5 left Mobor Beach...

Chapter 3
On our way back we had a chat with 2 bikewalas. One sounded good saying 250 for scooties and 300 for bikes for the whole day. We thought of getting ready and coming back to him. So we came to the hotel. The common area in Jose' hotel is too good. You just sit and relaaaxxx. The view is mindblowing, with palm/coconut trees and lots of other bushes/trees at the back. We were sitting there and just doing nothing. Amal gave me and AC a head massage (thanks to him). I was feeling very light after that. I took bath and got ready. After sometime Bothra also came with Gupta ji and they also got ready. We finally got out of our hotel and went to the bikewala guy (Rony and Abdul - bichchu and Eagle gang ;) ). He said its not possible to arrange for 4 bikes etc etc. We told him that we will come back in half an hour and if he can arrange till then its ok. We went to Gaffiano's for Lunch. The lunch sucked but not too much. It was pretty expensive too. I finally broadcasted asking if anybody was interested in drinking ;). And here goes, none but Ketan showed enthu for drinking. Amal is the biggest sucker in this regard. Anyways! we thought of ordering beer only, but ordered 'fanny' (the traditional drink of Goa that comes in coconut and Kaju flavor). The taste was obviously pathetic and both of us could not dare to drink any more. It was already 3:30 so we dropped the idea of taking bikes and instead thought of going to 'Dona Paula' (sunset point) and some other place after that. So we grabbed our Qualis and proceeded

Chapter 4
We crossed the whole Goa as we proceeded from south to north Goa. The journey was cool. The bridge that comes 10-12 kms before panaji is the coolest one. We stopped to take some pics. Reached Dona Paula around 4:30. Did some rock climbing. The place looked very old and smelt bad but it was good. The breeze was cool. After having some adventures with Rox we went at the top to see the sun-set. AC got lost in the sun-set and stopped speaking. Manjeet took a pic of few oldies and related them to what we would look 25 years from now. Huh! I am more interested in what would happen in the coming 25 years. Anyways. We had thought of going for boating after the sunset but the boats were non-functional after sunset :( . So we did some shopping (T-shirt stuff) and proceeded to our next destination. None of us knew what our next destination would be except AC.

It was a cruise. Name: Swasthik. The cruise was kool. But we could have utilized our time more usefully in Casinos or something ;). We stood in the queue for the cruise and did a lot of masti. Started singing 'Happy birthday to you .. ' for Gupta ji. Finally the cruise came and there were so many people coming down that we thought they were getting produced at runtime ;)). Finally we boarded and our anchor started his routine stuff. There were 2 goan dances and then all bachelors were called to dance on the dance floor. AC and Gupta ji went out of all of us. Amal and I were more interested in the Cruise that was all the time in mid-waters. It was the cruise for known for Casinos. We got a glimpse of it when we went close to it. We saw a light-house and a damn good resort like place at the corner of a beach which was richly lit. We felt like going there but none of us knew swimming :D. Finally AC and Gupta ji returned and here goes. Anchor anounced Gupta ji's birthday and wished him :). There was another goan dance performance and then all couples were called on the dance-floor. Alas! only 1 couple turned up. What a pity this indian mentality is :p. Finally the floor was open for DJ. It started and it ended. Just 3 songs or so. Anyways it was kewl. Worth the 100 bux.

We were waiting for the ferry to take us across the river. We ate lots of ice-creams (all tri-cones) there and had some more argumentative masti. Finally the ferry came and we got in. Once again 'Happy birthday to you.." for Gupta ji. We went to that same restaurant ( i dnt remember the name) for eating again. It was filled with young people, mostly guys n gals. Guptaji had gone for something so as soon as he entered, here goes - "Happy birthday..." . Even other people joined in and started askin (not directly) for Cake / sponsorin the bill etc :D . By now gupta ji was frustrated :D. We were supposed to go to the casinos but it was too late. So we went to the hotel straightaway. We picked everything that could stop us from shivering ranging from jackets/bedsheets/pillows/blankets and went to the beach to spend our night.

The sea is cool irrespective of the time (it sux in afternoon when its hot, atleast the beach sux, not the sea). We put together 5 of those benches people lie down to get tanned and spread bedsheets over them. We chatted for hardly few minutes and slept :p. It was tooo cold. I had a blanket by God's mercy, rest of the people were turning into ice-men. I was woken up 3-4 times by that bunch of 6-7 stray dogs that I am going to kill the next time I go to Goa (I hope its soon). The sea looks great in the night with silence all around except the sound made by the waves. Its really great to hear that sound. It had been all the more better if there was a moon in the sky (like last time) which would show its reflection in the Sea. Amal was cursing me in the morning as he was the one being chilled the most.

We packed stuff and were going to the hotel when we saw majji coming towards the beach. We took him back to the hotel :). After going to hotel we ordered Tea (I like Jose' Rose tea but it wasnt that good this time). We ordered breakfast too :). It was good to have breakfast with greenery at the back of the balcony we were sitting in. We played with the TV remote also for sometime. After every one was ready we got out to get bikes. Finalized 2 scooties (activa and dio), one unicorn and one $GODS-BIKE . You got it. A blue Avenger. That was because AC was insisting for it. Oh I forgot to change.

Chapter 5
We started for north goa once again. The journey was much better than the previous day. We were supposed to go to Aguada fort first and then calangute beach. We changed bikes a lot of times. Stopped for taking photos a lot of times. Were at the verge of getting caught by police but we ran away :D. The last time we changed vehicles I was driving unicorn with Amal at the back seat, Majji was with Ketan on one scooty, Gupta ji was alone on another scooty, and bothra and AC on avenger. Now Gupta ji was somewhere close to us but then why wont I drive a bike at 80 if its capable of. So Amal and I were flying. Amal was cursing me :) but it was fun. Finally we reached Panaji , put petrol and were waiting. We waited, waited and waited. Nobody turned up. Now the problem was that the two scooties were running out of petrol. So what do we do. Go back or go front. Huh! after thinking for 15 minutes we finally saw AC&bothra and Gupta ji coming. We met them and found out that Majji and Ketan are missing. Hah! so what do we do. AC and I went on the rescue operation, travelled till the last place those two humans were seen and came back. It took us around 45 minutes to get back to the same place. Now what do we do. We thought let them get lost, lets go to Calangute.

We went to calangute and all the old-gold memories came back. That was the beach where we had most fun last time. Anyways, Gupta ji, bothra and Amal went straight to the beach and AC and I went to a restaurant to relax a bit. Finally they also came back. We drank lots of lemonade and finally found Ketan and Majji roaming around. We went to the beach to take the banana ride which Amal was too eager to try. Majji wasnt coming, so rest of us changed and got into the water. We 6 wore the lifejackets and were climbing onto the banana and all fell in the sea. It was good. I opted out :) and didnt go for the ride. I went and waited with Majji. Finally these people came out with lots of experiences. Everyone told how funny the others looked in the middle of the sea :D hanging with legs at head level.

We left all our stuff (mind you, it included all our debit/credit cards / money/ etc) and got into water. After playing frisbee for sometime we came out and got dressed. We went to the restaurant at the corner of the entrance of the beach and ate. I forgot one thing. Majji and Bothra got frustoo of a kid asking for money so they decided to sponsor his food. We brought this kid with us to the restaurant and made him eat. The food was good more because we were very hungry. We ate and came down do decide what to do. We distributed ourselves to go for shopping. AC and Majji had to buy some clothes stuff. Others, general shopping. We bought some stupid small things, I gifted one funny bracelet to Amal as he promised that he will wear it if I gift it to him. We were supposed to meet at 6:30 to leave the place and it was 6:45 in the middle of the market already.

Fortunately we caught Majji and AC on the way when they were going to Aguada fort. We searched and found that one key was missing. Honda activa's keys supposedly. Bull shit. We came back , searched around and found nothing. It was already dark. Finally the guard of the restaurant we ate in came to us with a key that worked. Now AC started cursing that guy like anything. That guy got pi**ed off but who can help. Anyways, we gave him 100 bucks and thought of leaving. Everything was fine, all were happy until I put the unicorn key I had into the bike. Damn it! it wasnt the Activa's keys that were missing, it was Unicorn's. Shit! now unicorn's locking mechanism is new and crap like that. So we cant break it. We finally left the bike and AC took Gupta and Ketan with him on Avenger. We came back at 11:30 and went to the Casino. It was 12:10 and it closes at 12:00. Horse shit. We came back to the hotel. It was too cold outside and most of us were only in half shirts.

I slept as soon as I got into the bed. The next morning was equally beautiful. We were planning to leave early. But we had left the bike 50 kms far from where we were then. We took a nice breakfast, checked out and went to the calangute beach with the bike guy and went for lunch. Yes! the restaurant name was "Ruchi's". But this time we went to another one. We went to a church also in the way but it was closed. Finally we left Goa at 3:00. The journey back was tiring, but good. After getting bored of all those casettes we bought new ones after dinner - Aksar and a DJ mix ( both ketan's choice , real good). I liked Aksar's songs so much that I am listening to them right now too :).

That was our trip to Goa. I want to go there again :) but next time I go there I will go with 4-5 days in hand atleast...Goa rox..

PS: I am posting this right now..will add other images later..blogger sux in uploading images


Anonymous said...

Looks like u guys did a lot of masti :)

Ab Jaldi se Trip ki pics upload kar do .

--- Asheesh

kunal said...

pics... pics... pics...

need pics..

btw, sandeep which trip was better? this one or the previos one? ;) hehe .. i know tricky question.. goa trips are uncomparable ... :)

sandeep said...

yaar it takes a long time to upload images using blogger..i am looking for faster options..

Kunal: both the trips for too good and uncomparable..last time we had more time to spend in Goa, this time we had some time crunch but we squeezed in as much as possible..including a night out:D

I took Fotograph said...

Picks of chicks at select the goa picks from there.

I took Fotograph said...

Complete the blog dude.....its fun reading what you did

sandeep said...

the blog is completed fotographer..

Amal. said...

Hehehe ...Goa is not the heaven on Earth. My cubicle is better than that ;)

sandeep said...

Amal: How many tourists come yearly to your cube