Monday, December 26, 2005

pyasi zamin par paani ki boond..or boondein

So many weekends had passed without watching any good movies.The last few movies we had seen were all terrible. But afterall we had to do something to kill the time. So we were never left with any choice but to go for pathetic movies. Ranging from 'shaadi no 1's utter nonsense comedy' to illogical 'Garam masala' to irritating Vivek oberoi in 'deewana hua pagal' to the unending suspence of 'the skeleton key'. Huh! we lived after seeing all these, its an achievement in itself.

This weekend was different. It was pretty good actually. After going to the institute and doing some masti with old pals we decided to go for BluffMaster. Now that we have bikes to ride on, we were not ready for compromises. Thinking that Sensation Insomnia is playing Bluffmaster we went there and to our amazement it was playing 'Dosti'. No we were not ready for a Compromise. We went to Ramakrishna and guess what? we got the tickets in White. I mean not in Black. I dont remember the time when we saw a movie in Ramakrishna without buying in Black. Anyways. Gaurav and Amit also joined in. We were 6 now including them and Manjeet, Manoj , Abhishek (Nitin had gone to Bangalore for solving some 'secret'/'special' issues, for more info call him).

The movie was good. I am writing 'good' for a movie after a long long double time (those who know C will know what it means to add a double). Anyways, dinner at Kamat was more fun. We enjoyed pretty much. AC , Manoj and Gaurav went back to their respective places and we came back home. After doing some more masti we went to sleep. I had planned to wake up as late as possible. So I didnt put any alarms, put the phone on mute and slept.

When I woke up in the morning and saw that morning has come afterall, the time was 12:15 PM. I thought 'ohhh cool, I slept for so long after so long'. I went and woke up Dixit and called Bothra too. We went to Hot Rottis for lunch and Bothra left for saloon from there. I just came back home and found my bed too tempting and slept again without taking my shoes off :) . When I woke up again it was dark :( . I thought its better to do something and not spoil the weekend doing nothing. So I got up and went to Dixit. We had thought of going to Shilparamam as there was some craft's mela. So we decided for that and Dixit and I went there. Bothra was supposed to join us 'later' as he was busy with 'other' stuff.

We entered the place at 7:00 and thought 2 hours should be good enough for us to pass our time. The place was soooo crowded that we were seeing only people in all the stalls. It seemed that they were displaying the same stuff in all the stalls. Carbon copies. In 15 minutes we reached the other end of the ground and Dixit gave this idea of going for movie. I said 'wth, tomorrow we have office, it will be late , bla bla, good idea :)'.

We decided for Dosti (arggh!!) in Skyline but on the way to the theatre I called up Dixit and changed it to Apaharan@Santosh. We reached the theatre at 9:10 and got tickets luckily. After entering the theatre we felt 'ohh' we didnt eat till now. The movie was okies, much better than the standard movies that come nowadays. We were relying on the 2 maggi packets that were left at home and went home. Dixit as usual gave this idea of going to Ohri's on the way. Huh! I recalled later that these people had a holiday on monday unlike me. Poor me. We went to Ohri's and ate the great 'Bull's eye'. The place was pretty crowded for a Sunday. Afterall it was Christmas. We came back home at 1:45 or so and prepared Maggi and ate. I finally slept at 3:00 and was feeling sleepy all the time in office the next day :)).

I feel we can do with some more bad movies in the coming weekends :)

Next weekend is the NeW YeAr EvE...lets see how it goes..


Kunal said...

"long long double" !!! Arghhh

Anonymous said...

hai this is sandeep, viewing ur blog..