Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Company Picniccccc

10th December was my company's 2nd anniversary in hyderabad. We had a grand carnival in Ramoji for celebrations. I finally arranged for 4 friends to come. Nitin,Dixit, Gaurav and Vidit. Manoj came with Raj. So our gang was rocking. The day started out in a bit of mess. I was thinking that the buses will leave at 1:30 but they had to leave at 12:30. We came to know about this only at 11:45. We ran and ran and reached in time. It was messy but ok. The journey was fine, the destination was good.

Already many people had reached the place. I was with so many kewl friends after a long time. We had snax and then started doing our standard masti as usual. Amit was participating in a skit. He did damn well. He was 'jaan bahadur' , an office guard and was fultoo mast in that. Even his dance number was kewl. There were some funny (read - stupid) games played on the stage by some employees too. The dinner was also kewl. The best part was the gulabjamun+icecream combination. After dinner, there was DJ. We danced hardly for an hour when I came to know that our route's last bus was leaving. So we had to leave. Well! the day was kewl and the journey back home was kewl too. We were pretty tired after coming back and went to sleep in no time.

Such parties should just keep happening...next weekend is M$'s party..hoping to have some more fun ;)

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