Tuesday, December 13, 2005

AC's bday in Wang's kitchen

This happened last to last saturday. Didnt blog since then so doing it now. The party was planned for evening. But when you have a plan for evening you end up doing nothing till then. Thats what we did. We were at home all the time doing nothing. I was left alone at home as I had to go out with Vidit to meet somebody but that plan got cancelled. Finally everyone came home at 7:30 and we started AC's bday celeberations. AC as usual had some game plan to get rid of bumps in which he succeeded for the nth time. We all finally decided to go to Wang's kitchen in Hitec city.

The Food was Good. I ate so much non-veg after a very long time. Starting from lung-fung soup (simple but yummy) we ate chicken lollipops, shanghai chicken, american choupsey and one some 'ou-mou-chou rice' (dont remember the weirdo name). It was kewl. Talked to sis for sometime about some 'issues' and then came outside with Dixit for some other 'issues'. We finally came out after having bulging tummies at about 10:00 or so. Had plans to go to CCD (read cafe-coffee day) but the plans got cancelled.

Finally AC,dixit,nitin, ketan and I went to roam around in AC's car. Another night-out/hangout :). While we were on the way I gave the same standard idea we had implemented 2-3 weeks back. Go to eat-street , enjoy for sometime and then come to ohri's for ice-creams. We didnt have lot of time to spend in eat-street but we spent more than an hour and half in ohri's. The icecreams were cooool. Finally we came back home and Dixit/Nitin went to sleep. I was sitting with AC and Ketan. Now when AC is there, one cant stop talking really. Thats what happened. We were chatting till 8:00 in the morning. Chatted about some 'issues' and many stupid things. AC was in enthu and wanted to go for breakfast, but i forced him to sleep for sometime as he had to go for practice for the dance number for CA-picnic. I finally woke up at 12:00 :) that too when somebody called. Rest of the sunday just passed without doing much...

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