Friday, November 18, 2005

a yummy night out ;)

Few days back I got this idea of going out in AC's car to have some fun. I never thought Dix/tin would agree for that on a weekday but to my amazement they agreed. Gaurav is fun-loving so I knew he would not create a problem. And no doubts about AC. It was when AC told that his parents will come 4-5 days later that i got this idea. We finally left our place at 9:00 and picked Gaurav from hitec to go to eat street....

We sat in one of the tables and AC started his 'games' (ask piyush/manjeet/me for more on his games). He had already played lots of them in the Car while driving. By the way, the stereo was playing the Aashiq banaya apne songs continuously for us which everyone just loves. So we ate some stuff and sat in eat street for more than 2 hours continously. All this time we were not aware of the people around us. I was shouting like anything to counter AC's statements as he was lying again and again. We talked about lots of things and were mostly focussed on one single topic. Well! that topic is a bit censored to be written here so I wont :( . At 11:45 we went to this Lipton shop in the adjacent garden to have some tea etc. We took tea and AC got us some stuff to eat, I dont remember what Ac was calling it, 'jhaljhala' or sth like that. We stayed there for some 20 minutes when police siren started ringing to vacate the area.

As we were left with no option but to leave, we went to our second decided place. Ohri's banjara. We went there and ate 'Bull's eye'. It was awesome. Its even better than the 'Autumn dreams' served in Melting moments. I just love it. We stayed there for around 1 hour and started for home around 1:15. We came to the durgam cheruvu road thinking of staying for some more time but didnt stop there and came back home directly.

After freshening up Nitin and Dixit went to sleep. AC, Gaurav and I chatted for around 2 hours :D. We finally slept at 4:00 and had to get up to come to office. AC was complaining just now as he had meetings all day ;). I am not feelin sleepy though. We finally came to office in AC's car at 10:45 again listening to the same Aashiq banaya aapne tunes :). Life is not that bad afterall. But I got one news just sometime back. I have to come to office tomorrow. "Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony." I have spent my saturday already yesterday so I have to spend my saturday in office now. Life is not that good too it seems ;).

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